Now Available: Bundles and Beasts!

shirt-beastWe’ve got four new shirts today for the upcoming Beast: The Primordial in our RedBubble store:

We’ve also got a bunch of new bundles available on DriveThruRPG!

  • VTM: Vampire: The Damned Bundle, featuring Children of the Inquisition; Children of the Night; Encyclopedia Vampirica; Children of the Revolution; the Making of the Art of Children of the Revolution; and Dread Names, Red List
  • MTAs: Mage Revised Traditions Bundle, featuring all 10 Revised Tradition Books
  • Orpheus: Orpheus Complete Bundle, with all six Orpheus books, plus the Haunting the Dead anthology
  • VTR: Bloodthirsty Adventures Bundle, featuring six Storytelling Adventure System scenarios for Requiem 1e
  • VTR: Requiem Bloodlines Bundle, including Ancient Bloodlines, Bloodlines: The Chosen, Bloodlines: The Hidden, and Bloodlines: The Legendary
  • Trinity: Trinity 1e Bundle, including the Trinity Rulebook, Trinity Players Guide, Trinity Technology Manual, Trinity Field Report: Alien Races, TFR: Extrasolar Colonies, TFR: Media, and TFR: Psi Laws
  • Scion: Scion Complete Bundle, including all 11 Scion products from Scion: Hero to Scion Extras

And from DriveThruFiction:

  • HTR: Predator & Prey Bundle, offering the six books of the Predator & Prey fiction series: Vampire, Judge, Werewolf, Jury, Mage, and Executioner.

Keep an eye on DriveThruRPG and DriveThruFiction for more exciting Bundles later this week!

3 thoughts on “Now Available: Bundles and Beasts!”

  1. I’m unsure of what the process would entail, but is there any chance that some of the t-shirts will expand to things like stickers, totes, laptop skins, or especially art prints?

    • Our license with CCP was limited to shirts.

      We may be able to expand that with the new White Wolf, but for now we’re operating under the terms of the existing license.

      Many pieces of art are currently available as posters on our DriveThruRPG store.


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