Now Available: Guide to the Night in print!

Now available in finalized PDF and print from DriveThruRPG: Guide to the Night for Vampire: The Requiem 2nd Edition!

The eyes of the 
Ascendancy see everything. 
Well, everything we 
want them to see anyway. 
The more power they have, 
the less we have to 
worry about them 
trying to take ours. 

— Una Adeyemi

This book includes:

  • An introduction to Vampire: The Requiem that aids new players and old alike.
  • A look at how to run Vampire in different settings and genres as well as several optional setting options.
  • A look at how to design games around specific clans or covenants, and how to play to their unique strengths and weaknesses.
  • A detailed look at creating and using coteries in a Vampire game.
  • Information for creating and running chronicles based on the options presented throughout the book, as well as guidance on how to design a chronicle from start to finish.
  • An all-new social conflict resolution system called Lingua Bellum, along with new mechanics to support optional settings and genres presented throughout the book.


Kickstarter Update

The Kickstarter for a prestige traditional print run of Chicago by Night for Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition was a great success! We funded in about 15 hours, and ended with 1852 backers pledging $119,039 — 298% of our $40,000 goal. We unlocked 20 stretch goals:

  • Chicago Folio: Includes the Camarilla Record, the Anarch Accounts, Independent and Mortal Perspectives, Heretical Thoughts and Observations
  • Old Traditions PDF bundle add-on: Chicago Chronicles vol 1, Chicago Chronicles vol 2, Chicago Chronicles vol 3
  • Let the Streets Run Red: A Chicago chronicle featuring characters absent from CbN, and rampaging across Chicago, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, and the rural Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana areas. A second chronicle, set in weird, rural Illinois. A third chronicle, set in Milwaukee and Indianapolis. A fourth chronicle TBA.
  • Discounted Backer T-shirt
  • Digital Wallpaper
  • Beckett’s Jyhad Diary PDF add-on
  • Beckett’s Jyhad Diary Digital Wallpaper
  • Prince’s Gambit Card Game add-on
  • Prince’s Gambit Digital Wallpaper
  • Art Budget Increase!
  • Chicago-Themed Gaming Gear from DogMight Games
  • Vampire 5th Edition PDF add-on
  • Let The Streets Run Red PDF add-on
  • Chicago Folio PoD option

Our next Kickstarter is They Came From Beneath The Sea!, coming December 17th!

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  1. Will we get an email with a link for the printed version to those who bought the advance pdf? I haven’t received one and I am dying to get my hands on the final version in a physical copy.


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