Now Available: Heroes in a World of Horror, plus Vigil 2e Screen!

Now available in PDF and print: Heroes in a World of Horror! for They Came from Beyond the Grave!

Maybe you can’t bring yourself to believe the horrid truth.
Perhaps you’re too innocent to face reality.
Or possibly you’re trying to run away from what you know is out there.
It’s time to wake up, open your eyes, and turn to face the monster pursuing you.
In the face of the swallowing darkness, all those who can must help push back its encroaching evil.   

Heroes in a World of Horror! is a sourcebook for Players and Directors about to embark upon a story of They Came from Beyond the Grave!, providing you with new playable Archetypes and a diverse selection of characters you can play straight from the book for the 1970s era and the 19th century era of the game!

They Came from Beyond the Grave! uses the Storypath System, which you can find in the pages of the They Came from Beyond the Grave! rulebook.

Heroes in a World of Horror! includes:

  • Three playable Archetypes — the Skeptic, the Kid, and the Escapee.
  • Eight ready-made characters complete with character sheets so you can start playing immediately!
  • Scene setting and story-provoking fiction to immerse yourself in a world of horror involving the characters between these pages.

Also available in PDF: Hunter: The Vigil 2nd Edition ST Screen!

You’ve stumbled into shadows.
You know what lurks in darkness.
There are more monsters tonight than ever before.
It’s time to fight back. 

The PDF version of the Hunter: The Vigil Second Edition Storytellers Screen includes several charts and rules references to make the Storyteller’s role a bit easier. Print it out for your table or load it up on your tablet for quick reference during a game!

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