Now Available: Kith & Kin!

Now available in PDF and print from DriveThruRPG: Kith and Kin for Changeling: The Lost 2nd Edition!

You can’t predict a changeling by their kith. We’re not so easily defined.

But we are connected to others who fashioned themselves the same way. You meet another Playmate’s eye and know you share something no one else can understand. In a way, you’re kin.

This is the Lost struggle. Did They take me apart so thoroughly that putting me back together rearranged the pieces entirely? Am I what they made me to be, or can I decide my own shape?

The bad news is you’ll never find an answer you’re satisfied with.

The good news is you don’t have to wrestle with this stuff alone.

They wanted to fit you into a mold, but people aren’t like that. This struggle is what separates us from Them.

— Red, Darkling Playmate

Kith and Kin is a companion book to Changeling: The Lost Second Edition, expanding on the core book. It contains:

  • A deep dive into the return from Arcadia, including details about the BriarNet, the Wishing Roads, and the Lunar Freehold, as well as additional options for Touchstones and Clarity
  • Expanded changeling powers, including new Regalia and Contracts, Regalia manifestations, expanded pledgecraft, and rules for the fae sympathetic magic known as dramaturgy
  • A vast selection of new kiths, as well as options for playing kithless characters and acquiring a kith in play
  • Advice and options for motleys: example motley oaths, a new type of Hedge ghost which feeds on those oaths, and structured motley conflict, as well as a discussion of forming motleys with non-changelings — other fae creatures, mortals, and other supernatural creatures as presented in other Chronicles of Darkness games

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  1. I love Changeling the lost. Glad its still getting new content in the vast sea of all the other ips. Can hardly wait for the next book, so excited.


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