Now Available: Panopticon novella and OPP10 merch!

Now available in PDF and print: Panopticon, a novella for Trinity Continuum: Aberrant!

Three months ago, Boston’s city defenders, the Bulwarks, met a tragic end. Two of their members died in a mysterious flash, and the third nova, Daystar, went missing. The head Directive intelligence agent on the case turned up dead a few weeks later, after sending his team a particularly cryptic communication.

Now, operative Alina Vaughn and her cell race to finish the work their colleague started. Though it begins as a find-and-rescue op for Daystar, the deeper they dig, the more Alina has to wonder if the nova killed his teammates and is planning a catastrophic return to the spotlight. The operatives aren’t the only ones looking for him. Between his burgeoning cult and a local mobster on the rise, Alina’s cell will need to bring all their skills to bear to find Daystar first.

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