Now Available: Prometheus Unbound in print, plus more Amazon PoD!

Now available in print: Prometheus Unbound for Trinity Continuum: Æon!

Psions united for humanity’s future! 

Prometheus Unbound expands the Trinity Continuum: Æon setting by diving into the inner workings, goals, and attitudes of the psi orders. Headed by proxies with powerful visions of the future, the psi orders are united in ensuring humanity’s prosperity but differ on the details.

Inside, you will find:

  • Detailed information on all eight psi orders, including their structure, organization, politics, projects, and goals. 
  • An overview of the important people within the orders, their allies and enemies, how they relate to each other, and what threats each order must overcome.
  • Guidance for running campaigns focusing on specific psi orders, how such stories interact with other organizations, and the challenges players will face.
  • Deeper examination of psi powers, their potential and limitations, including flexible systems to allow players to generate their own spectacular effects!
  • Rules and descriptions of new technologies used by each psi order. 

Also available on Amazon PoD:

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3 responses to “Now Available: Prometheus Unbound in print, plus more Amazon PoD!”

  1. C Avatar

    Amazon PoD? Any chance of getting that for Aeon releases too? The DTRPG shipping costs and times are a deal breaker for me outside the very rare ‘must haves’ and only if I can’t get them from somewhere else.

    1. Phil H Avatar
      Phil H

      The jumpstarts for both the Trinity Core and Æon lines are available on Amazon POD, so I’d be surprised if the other Trinity books don’t follow. That said, I’ll stick with DriveThruRPG. I’d rather keep the money in the hands of folk attached to the RPG industry instead of making Jeff Bezos richer.

      1. C Avatar

        Eh, each to their own. DTRPG PoD is hit and miss on print quality I’ve found, and the shipping has been problematic. The Bezos thing is a consideration, but my wallet is too where my non-essential purchases are concerned 🙂