Now Available: Rat in a Burning Cage in print, plus VTT assets and wallpapers

Now available in PDF and print from DriveThruRPG: Rat in a Burning Cage, an adventure set for Trinity Continuum: Assassins!

Porvenir should be a sanctuary for those who dwell in the Shadow; a place for assassins to hide out, retire, and wile away their autumn years.  This jungle town is far from the utopia it’s purported to be. Someone has crossed a line in Porvenir, and it’s for your assassins to pick up the pieces, even as every member of this Shadow community guns for you.

Rat in a Burning Cage is an introductory scenario for Trinity Continuum: Assassins designed to make its play easy and fun at in-person and virtual tabletops. Trinity Continuum: Assassins uses the Storypath System, provided in the pages of this book! 

Rat in a Burning Cage includes: 

  • Five playable characters complete with character sheets. 
  • A story in three acts, perfect for a virtual tabletop one-shot or convention play. 
  • Maps (both gridded and non gridded) and handouts for use in your virtual games. 
  • Incidental sounds and music
  • Printable battlemap and handouts.
  • The complete TC Assassins Token set along with the 5 RMCs.
  • All the Masteries, Edges, and Storypath system mechanics you need.

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We’ve hit the following stretch goals:

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