Now Available: Scion Player’s Guide: Saint’s & Monsters

Now available in advance PDF: Scion Player’s Guide: Saints & Monsters for Scion 2nd Edition!

Discover what lurks in the hidden corners of myth.

There is more to The World than the children of the Gods — more than Heroes and Demigods. Legends speak of stranger things; of mortals who challenge the very Gods themselves, or who see Fate’s invisible workings laid bare; of creatures of every kith and kind who still dwell, here and there, alongside humanity; of sorcerers who tamper with things they should not, tempting the ire of the Gods with their hubris; and of the children of the Titans, whose inhuman ichor burns away at their very humanity. 

What tales will you tell of such wonders? 

Scion: Origin and Scion: Hero are required to use this book, although Scion: Demigod and Mysteries of the World are useful additions.

Scion Player’s Guide — Saints & Monsters contains: 

  • Two new Callings: Outsider and Shepherd!
  • Expanded rules for playing Saints, Prophets, and Denizens!
  • Full rules for playing Sorcerers and Titanic Scions!
  • Edges, a new character creation system, and new takes on the Storypath system!

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2 responses to “Now Available: Scion Player’s Guide: Saint’s & Monsters”

  1. Gullinbursti Avatar

    “Edges, a new character creation system, and new takes on the Storypath system!”

    I love edging! Can’t wait to try it here!

  2. Saul Schimek Avatar
    Saul Schimek

    This will prove very useful to my campaign as I do have some magic from mortals appearing on occasion. Egyptian Heka and Aesir seidhr have been used so far. This will give a bit more structure for me to work with