OPP10: Chronicles of Darkness month, week 2: big sales on Werewolf and Mage

2022 is Onyx Path’s tenth anniversary, so we’re celebrating a different game line every month this year!

July is Chronicles of Darkness month.

Week 2 covers Werewolf: The Forsaken and Mage: The Awakening week, with a number of our Werewolf: The Forsaken titles and Mage: The Awakening titles on sale for 10% of their original price for our 10th anniversary. That means they’re 90% off!

You can get all five Werewolf sale titles (including the core) for only $5.20, and all seven Mage sale titles (including the core) for only $7.60! That means all 12 items for less than $13!

This sale lasts until July 16, so stay tuned for further CofD deals as the month continues!

22 thoughts on “OPP10: Chronicles of Darkness month, week 2: big sales on Werewolf and Mage”

  1. I have tried to access DrivethruRPG for this sale on my phone, my Kindle and my laptop using Brave Browser, Silk Browser and Microsoft Edge respectively. Mage briefly showed up on my laptop and then it disappeared when I added it to the cart and it went to the checkout page.

    I don’t know why this isn’t working :\

  2. FYI, I was unable to see the sale prices, then I rebooted my computer and suddenly could see them. Very weird glitch. So, reboot if you still can’t see them.

  3. Is there a reason why the PoD books of various CoD lines are WAY more expensive then before? Mage The Awakening 2nd (Hardcover, Standard Color Book) was, for Example, 39.99$ and now is 57$.

    • Short answer – Lightning Source raised prices awhile back on the paper and printing, and we held off as long as we could and then some projects were adjusted so their pricing reflected the new costs we were absorbing. From what I understand, that $39.99 price was from more than 2 years ago and everything related to printing has skyrocketed in cost since then – as has shipping, as you know- and even back then we were holding that price as it was even after a printing cost increase.

  4. Hi, have you announced what the other anniversary sales would be? I was going to buy some pdfs for other CofD game lines but can hold off if I have to.


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