Now Available: Technocracy Novella, and more

Now available in ebook and PoD from DriveThruFiction: The Melody Through the Mirrorshade Lens, a Technocracy fiction anthology for Mage: The Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition!

What does the Technocratic Union agent see through those reflective lenses? How many hours of interrogation footage, archives of dossiers, gone over one more time, again and again? What song of Enlightened trigonometry beams before their eyes the trajectory of the reality deviant, or the fastest route to cover in a firefight? Imagine vast mugshot archives of unmutual hackers, “magick” grifters, and monstrous fiends. Picture the boundless feed of fearful information scrolling from top to bottom of the glass, perpetually keeping them at odds with the so-called mages, and the wicked truths that keep the agent believing they’re saving the world.

There are those who believe it accurately, and their stories are the ones most worth telling. Elite, isolated researchers and Iteration X rookies alike understand why their work is so harsh and thankless, but they can both share the same vision of a peaceful future, as seen through their own Enlightened lenses. Staring through the screens, the question that deserves asking is this: how deep can this infinite calculus permeate? Into the eyes? Into the mind? Into the soul, and time, and beyond? If pushed, how could it not go beyond? How could it not go beyond, and how could it possibly stop?

Gaze long enough, and what gazes back?

Melody Through the Mirrorshade Lens is a compilation of four novellas surrounding the infamous Technocracy and its predecessor — the Order of Reason.

  • The Profit: Mirrorshade Agent Caleb Whittemore tracks a killer through a series of brutal murders, powerful networks, and terrible ends.
  • They’re Coming Through!: Captain Deacon leads her marines of the Neutralization Corps in valiant defense against a monstrous incursion.
  • The Test: Iteration X recruit Melody Gray defends her innocence against an elite NWO interrogator.
  • Fell Winds: Xenobiologist Danny Grant discovers how a horrific, centuries-old mystery surrounding Victorian era ship now threatens Ultima Thule — and possibly the world.

Also available, Desktop Wallpapers and Storyguide Screens:

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  • Sidereals ST Screen
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  • Sidereals Jumpstart
  • Sidereals Novella
  • Digital Wallpaper
  • Sidereals KS shirt on RedBubble
  • Mobile Wallpaper

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