Now Available: The Hedge in print!

Now available in PDF and print from DriveThruRPG: The Hedge for Changeling: The Lost 2nd Edition!

Once upon a time, you fled through the Thorns, wanting nothing more than to get away, to get home. 

But the place you ran through along the way was more than just the brambles that catch and tear. The Hedge is home to hobgoblins and faerie creatures, a source of wonders and delights even as it’s home to snarling, snapping briarwolves.

You just had to learn your way around.

The Hedge includes:

  • Storytelling advice for setting your adventure within the Hedge, including systems for creating Groves and new locations for motleys to visit.
  • Rules for Hedge sorcery, including how to craft your own rituals.
  • An exploration of the Dreaming Roads, the Bastions that connect to them, and fellow travelers you might meet along the way.
  • A collection of storyteller characters and new Entitlements for use in your game.

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  1. There’s a pretty big editing error that was missed: on page 67, there’s a box that says “[insert categories text here]” instead of the chart with the hecatombs on it.


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