Now Available: Trails of Ash and Bone and more for Vampire 5th Edition!

Now available in PDF and print-on-demand from DriveThruRPG: Trails of Ash and Bone for Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition!

It’s a mistake to think of vampire as simple parasites that latch on to an unlucky victim and drain them until they drop. No, they’re not ticks. 

They’re spiders.

Kindred lure victims into their webs and form a ring of protection and sustenance around themselves. And spiders, like vampires, are cunning. They ensnare the small and the weak, but some bind the strong and the mighty.

Think of the spider when you consider the vampire’s herd, the vampire’s retainers, the vampire’s allies. They’re all theirs, caught in a web surrounding a predator. Some even fool themselves into thinking they want to be there. They think that proximity to the predator is a boon, or maybe, just maybe, the predator will see them as a creature with a use greater than sustenance.

Do not fool for the lies of the vampire, recruit. Throughout their webs are trails of ash and bone, from all their friends, loved ones, companions, and cultists.

The vampire cannot help but be the hungry spider. 

Trails of Ash and Bone includes:

  • Four stories, each of a different theme, one set in the forests outside Copenhagen, another in decadent Atlantic City, one in arcane Florence, one the last in urban Birmingham.
  • A set of fully playable ready-made characters, enabling a group of Vampire players to jump straight into one of these stories.
  • New Loresheets and Oblivion Ceremonies, expanding the range presented in Cults of the Blood Gods.

Also available:

Plus! Don’t miss the V5 Cults of the Blood Gods Collection, a bundle containing just about everything that came out of that Kickstarter, including today’s releases:

  • Cults of the Blood Gods
  • Cults of the Blood Gods VTT Assets
  • Cults of the Blood Gods desktop wallpaper
  • Children of the Blood
  • Trails of Ash and Bone


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FAQ: what’s the difference between premium color and standard color?

Crowdfunding Update

Exalted: Essence launched on Kickstarter one month ago, and hit our funding goal within the first 13 minutes! That makes it our fastest-funding Kickstarter ever, beating Exalted 3rd Edition’s previous 18-minute record!

We’re currently at $322,492 of our initial $35,000 goal, or an incredible 921%, thanks to our 3777 backers. With just one day remaining (under 24 hours!), we’ve already hit the following stretch goals:

  • Essence ST Screen
  • Pillars of Creation: The Essence Companion: more Universal Charms, Evocations, Hearthstones, warstriders. Scattered Lotus Petals x2: Martial Arts (Single Point Shining Into the Void, Golden Janissary, Celestial Monkey, more). Enemies of the Chosen: Antagonists, demons, fair folk. Eight Directions Atlas: more locations x2. Creation’s Chosen: More Solar, Lunar, Exigent, Sidereal, and DB Charms. Storytelling the Chosen x2: ST advice and adventure hooks. Beyond Creation’s Chosen: More Infernal, Alchemical, Getimian, Liminal, and Abyssal Charms. Games of Divinity: more on the cosmology and deities of Creation. Lintha Expansion x2. Other Antagonists. Additional Artifacts. Sorcery & Necromancy.
  • Essence Jumpstart and Ready-Made Characters
  • Backer T-shirt
  • Essence Adventure: Three scenarios
  • Essence Digital Wallpaper
  • Essence VTT Token Pack
  • Essence Novella by Lauren Roy
  • NerdyKeppie bag opportunity
  • Increased art budget
  • Essence Charm Cards PDF
  • Essence Novella by James Huggins
  • Essence Novella by Rai W. Cole

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    I’m guessing Trails, since it’s brand new, won’t be included in the Premium print sale? I’m buying it regardless, just wanted to confirm.