Now Available: Vampire Stickers!

Now available from our RedBubble store: Stickers! We’re starting off with unlocking a ton of Vampire: The Masquerade material, both modern and Dark Ages:

  • Dark Ages Clan Shield: Assamites (sticker)
  • Dark Ages Clan Shield: Brujah (sticker)
  • Dark Ages Clan Shield: Cappadocians (sticker)
  • Dark Ages Clan Shield: Followers of Set (sticker)
  • Dark Ages Clan Shield: Gangrel (sticker)
  • Dark Ages Clan Shield: Lasombra (sticker)
  • Dark Ages Clan Shield: Malkavian (sticker)
  • Dark Ages Clan Shield: Nosferatu (sticker)
  • Dark Ages Clan Shield: Ravnos (sticker)
  • Dark Ages Clan Shield: Toreador (sticker)
  • Dark Ages Clan Shield: Tremere (sticker)
  • Dark Ages Clan Shield: Tzimisce (sticker)
  • Dark Ages Clan Shield: Ventrue (sticker)
  • Masquerade Sect: Anarch Movement (sticker)
  • Masquerade Sect: Camarilla (sticker)
  • Masquerade Sect: Sabbat (sticker)
  • Masquerade Sect: Independents (sticker)
  • Masquerade Sect: Tal’mahe’ra/The Black Hand (sticker)
  • Masquerade Clan: Assamite (sticker)
  • Masquerade Clan Variant: Assamite antitribu (sticker)
  • Masquerade Clan: Brujah (sticker)
  • Masquerade Clan Variant: Brujah antitribu (sticker)
  • Masquerade Clan: Followers of Set (sticker)
  • Masquerade Clan Variant: Serpents of the Light (sticker)
  • Masquerade Clan: Gangrel (sticker)
  • Masquerade Clan Variant: Gangrel antitribu (sticker)
  • Masquerade Clan: Giovanni (sticker)
  • Masquerade Clan: Lasombra (sticker)
  • Masquerade Clan Variant: Lasombra antitribu (sticker)
  • Masquerade Clan: Malkavian (sticker)
  • Masquerade Clan: Malkavian antitribu (sticker)
  • Masquerade Clan: Nosferatu (sticker)
  • Masquerade Clan Variant: Nosferatu antitribu (sticker)
  • Masquerade Clan: Ravnos (sticker)
  • Masquerade Clan Variant: Ravnos antitribu (sticker)
  • Masquerade Clan: Toreador (sticker)
  • Masquerade Clan Variant: Toreador antitribu (sticker)
  • Masquerade Clan: Tremere (sticker)
  • Masquerade Clan Variant: Tremere antitribu (sticker)
  • Masquerade Clan: Tzimisce (sticker)
  • Masquerade Clan Variant: Old Clan Tzimisce (sticker)
  • Masquerade Clan: Ventrue (sticker)
  • Masquerade Clan Variant: Ventrue antitribu (sticker)
  • Masquerade Bloodline: Ahrimanes (sticker)
  • Masquerade Bloodline: Anda (sticker)
  • Masquerade Bloodline: Baali (sticker)
  • Masquerade Bloodline: Blood Brothers (sticker)
  • Masquerade Bloodline: Caitiff (sticker)
  • Masquerade Clan Variant: Panders (sticker)
  • Masquerade Bloodline: Cappadocians (sticker)
  • Masquerade Bloodline: Children of Osiris (sticker)
  • Masquerade Bloodline: Daughters of Cacophony (sticker)
  • Masquerade Bloodline: Gangrel (sticker)
  • Masquerade Bloodline: Harbingers of Skulls (sticker)
  • Masquerade Bloodline: Kiasyd (sticker)
  • Masquerade Bloodline: Lamia (sticker)
  • Masquerade Bloodline: Lhiannon (sticker)
  • Masquerade Bloodline: Maeghar (sticker)
  • Masquerade Bloodline: Nagaraja (sticker)
  • Masquerade Bloodline: Noiad (sticker)
  • Masquerade Bloodline: Salubri (sticker)
  • Masquerade Bloodline: Samedi (sticker)
  • Masquerade Bloodline: True Brujah (sticker)
  • Masquerade: V20 Ankh (sticker)
  • Masquerade: V20 Skeleton Creeper (sticker)


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Kickstarter Update

Coming soon: The Pirates of Pugmire, a supplement for both Pugmire and Monarchies of Mau!

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