Onyx Path Publishing Announces Anima for Trinity Continuum

May 5, 2020 — Rich Thomas, founder and creative director of Onyx Path Publishing announced that Trinity Continuum: Anima will be the next tabletop RPG supplement in the Trinity Continuum line. Both will employ the Storypath system. 

2084. After the Aberrant War of the 2060s, there was The Crash, plunging parts of the world into a dystopian cyberpunk future. Cities were built up after the horrors of The Crash, but people still flock to fantasy entertainment to forget the troubles of the world outside, using a brain implant known as “Glass.” The number one fantasy MMORPG — Terra Surge — uses Glass to make the most immersive and exciting gaming experience available on the market, but top players end up missing or dead under mysterious circumstances. Players like you.

In Trinity Continuum: Anima, characters try to get by while staving off attacks from enemies both physical and virtual. Anima gives players the chance to enter both the dangerous world of corporate espionage, while also delving deep into the virtual world’s mysteries. Between the two exist a myriad of deadly secrets meant to be left buried.

“I’m really excited to be developing Anima for the Trinity Continuum. I’ve been a fan of the cyberpunk genre for most of my life, and I worked for six years on two MMOs,” said Trinity Continuum: Anima developer Eddy Webb. “This is also the first time that the Trinity Continuum has taken on two genres at once, so I can’t wait to see how the writing team blends both the cyberpunk and LitRPG genres.”

The Trinity Continuum: Anima book will require the Trinity Continuum Core rule book for gameplay and will be designed using the Storypath System. The Storypath System is also the engine that powers Onyx Path’s Scion 2nd Edition and Trinity Continuum RPGs.

Both digital and print editions of Trinity Continuum: Anima are planned for the new game following the success of a future Kickstarter. The hardcover edition of Trinity Continuum: Anima will be available in retail distribution after Kickstarter backers have their books.

19 thoughts on “Onyx Path Publishing Announces Anima for Trinity Continuum”

  1. This looks interesting, very very interesting.

    Also, I look forward to us hearing more about the powers our characters will get to have.

    Finally, I really look forward to learning more about how the MMO reality interacts with the Earth reality, and the shenanigans that we will be able to get up to.

    That said I wish it wasn’t the FSA version of America, that instead it was still the USA.

    Honestly though this sounds pretty cool and I look forward to seeing more about it.

  2. Will Anima also deal with the much wider spread Corruption Zones and thus still relatively frequent Aberrant Eruptions compared to the Aeon Era?

  3. That’s Awsome news and I’m glad to see you are getting All the Adventerous Avenues from the letter A for All the things! I can wait to be Astounded and Amazed!

    • Amazing analysis! Audacity along an astonishing A, allow awesome adventures!

      It’s harder if it’s not your mother language…

  4. Can you communicate a kickstarter-concept already? Will Adventure, Assassin and Anima be crowdfunded in different kickstarters or might there be combined CFs, for example Adventure & Assassin together?

    • As Rich has mentioned in past Monday Meeting blogs, we generally announce our Kickstarters around the time we finish the last one. This allows us to stay flexible.

  5. Anima is virginal territory for the game. I am going to love this. I just wonder how the setting for Anima would fit into things. Like, in the branch of the Continuum that Anima is…does this mean no Trinity? Or at least a Trinity we would recognize?
    All the same, I am excited for this.

  6. Interesting, but I’m not sure if this one is for me.
    I like cyberpunk, but I’m not into LitRPG stuff. Will the mechanics in Anima be portable enough to run cyberpunk games without the MMO portion? Or could the MMO portion be separated to run like another setting? That second would be quite interesting if the MMO is fantasy.

    • Between Assassins and Anima, you maybe on to something. That would kind of amazeballs, cause I love shadowrun. I still buy the books just to keep up with the metaplot, but their systems are painful to look at all together. Which is to bad because looked at individually, there is some really good stuff in some of the mechanics throughout the editions. Some of the new UA for 5e where they are adopting the Summon spirit math model mechanic makes me pleased as punch

  7. A LitRPG RPG?!?! The Meta is Strong with this one.

    Can’t wait to see it. We gonna be Kickstarting soon, yes?
    I saw some of the expo for this in Aeon when they start talking about the general distrust for cybernetics most folks have. Very happy to see the follow up

    With the core done and so much of the surrounding timeline in place, does that make it easier or harder to develop in that particular space?


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