Onyx Path Sunday at Gen Con 2015: featuring nWoD 2nd Edition


Sunday at Gen Con 2015 in fantabulous Indianapolis!

GC2015 - Map

button3If you come by our booth at 1103 in the convention center, we are giving away a nWoD 2nd collectible pin, and a card that you can use as a Willpower bonus during your game! We’re only giving these out today, and then that’s it for pins at Gen Con.


We wouldn’t want to leave Gen Con 2015 without giving folks a chance to talk about the new 2nd Editions of the New World of Darkness gamelines. Part of our reasoning is that it was only last Gen Con that we were able to get the OK and announce that official 2nd Editions were now possible. Which meant that we had to go on an information blitz to let our community know it was happening.

nWoD2 cover

Now a year later, the nWoD 2nd core rulebook is almost ready, Vampire: the Requiem 2nd Edition and Werewolf: the Forsaken 2nd are both out and doing wonderfully, and Mage: the Awakening 2nd, and Promethean: the Created 2nd are racing neck and neck to see which is released first. Changeling: the Lost 2nd is being written, and Hunter: the Vigil 2nd was just announced for 2016.

VTR-2-CoverWtF2 cover

As revealed in the 2015-2016 Onyx Path Brochure, we’re also supporting the 2nd Editions with additional projects like the Hunter: the Vigil 2nd Fiction Anthology, and The Hedge for Changeling: the Lost 2nd. And for our new game line for 2016, designed from the beginning to work with the nWoD 2nd Edition rules, we have Deviant: the ??? (we’re not revealing the subtitle yet).

All in all, an amazing amount of effort has been devoted to the nWoD 2nd Editions and we’re thrilled by everyone’s enthusiastic response to our efforts to rejuvenate the lines. If you want to go into more detail on the game lines you can find them on our Onyx Path website.


Our Sunday schedule of events is:

  • 10-11am: Pugmire Demos at the booth
  • 1-2pm: Developer signing with any developer we can con into it at the booth


C’mon and drop by – we’ll be too tired to do much chicanery. Much.

15 thoughts on “Onyx Path Sunday at Gen Con 2015: featuring nWoD 2nd Edition”

    • Somebody on the forums calls it Deviant: The Banang as a provisional (sub)title. I’m using Deviant: The Kamen-Ridering because it sounds to me like basically the set-up of Sh?wa-era KR and its inspirations (Cyborg 009) and imitators (Baoh, Guyver).

  1. Love the cover preview for the 2e core rulebook. The original rulebook had a great cover, the God-Machine Chronicle had a great cover, and the combination here, with the latter looming in the background of the former, communicates a tone very well.

    • When I’m being less facetious, I go with Deviant: The Pursuit, which could refer to the makers hunting the modified or the other way around in reverse.

      “Hunted by the ones who made you, they hold all the cards [and dangle all the participles]. Except one thing, what they don’t know is that a fire burns within you because what they did wasn’t right [any more than that comma splice is right]. What they don’t know is that YOU’RE hunting THEM.”

    • Deviant: The Revengeance

      Is it nonsensical? Yeah. But Metal Gear already did it, so the word is out there.

      On a more serious note, I feel like guessing the name might be futile as, in all likelihood, it’ll be tied to some in-world bit of lore that we can’t be familiar with at this time. But it’s still fun to guess, so I’m just going to go ahead and join in.

      There’s a quote I once read that stuck with me for years, but I can’t recall where from. Googling didn’t help either. Anyway, the quote goes: “I walk with a terrible purpose.” I feel that’s so fitting with Deviant. I know two words in the subtitle aren’t standard, but who cares. It sounds so awesome.

      Deviant: The Terrible Purpose

      • Anyway, the quote goes: “I walk with a terrible purpose.”

        I’m pretty sure it’s from Dune.

        Unless he, in the solitude of his deeply brain-filled mind, misunderstood this revelation, and was in fact confronted with a “terrible papoose.”
        — Ellis Wiener, National Lampoon’s Doon

  2. I have high expectations for “Deviant: The Whatever, I’ll Buy It” 😀

    Anyway, sent another submission to you guys, hope you’ll appreciate it 😀


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