Rich’s Revised Remarks with William O’Connor

Here are Bill’s revisions to his sketches for the three Book of Nod-based book openers first previewed and discussed here:




Here are my comments to him:

“Bill- love panel one (Caine and Abel), and the architecture of panel 2 seems right to me- remember that we should show the city at night, and I still like the idea of wheeling flocks of birds in the sky to connect with the side panels. For the third panel, I think we need to not let these things look like zombies or other minor rising undead. These are the lords of the vampires, the great old ones, coming back to feed on their childer. A horrific monstery one, but there’s also a dark angel, and something that has a black, ebony skin. I can get you specifics of the different Antedeluvians- in fact, we can crowdsource it to the fans when I post these on the blog on Tuesday, if you want.”

So folks, can you help Bill out with just what these rising ancient vampires should look like? We need to get back to him ASAP, so I can only give this a couple of days- but looking forward to just which Antedeluvians you’d like to see.



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