Rockin’ the Reprint Repro-A-GoGo! [Monday Meeting Notes]

First off, here’s me telling you that our REPRINT REPRO-A-GOGO crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo starts tomorrow, Tuesday the 16th, at 2pm EST!

You can use this link to the Pre-Launch Sign-Up Page before then to get signed up for reminders:


Last week, I mentioned that this is a very different kind of crowd funding campaign for us as the books already exist, so there won’t be any teasers or previews outside of the Updates. And there won’t be a lot of those because this campaign runs about half the length of one of our regular ones!

Short and sweet – just enough time for folks who want to pledge to do so, so we can treat backers to their copies even faster (certainly we expect before the end of the year) and before the stores get them.

After looking at our Trinity Continuum books – both the TC Core and TC: Aeon, we’ll be making some edits to those books as well. We’d already announced some similar editing changes to Scion: Origin. So all three of our reprints will get a few clarifying changes that we hope will make it easier for folks to read and play.

We’re not rewriting the books, though; nor updating them to Storypath Ultra! We’re also not trying to make changes so they’re “prefect” books, as that’s just not a viable strategy. We want some things to be more understandable, s’all.

If you want that, like the idea of getting physical traditionally printed copies at a discount, and/or want them before they are available in stores- please come check this out!

Here’s something else that’s cool! We released Across the Eight Directions for Exalted 3rd last Wednesday and it debuted at #1, and has stayed there moth since then! Looking at the comments and feedback we are thrilled that so many of you are enjoying this overview of Creation: its peoples, its settlements, large and small, and its natural (or unnatural) wonders.

Now, this Wednesday, Icons of Rage for W20 goes on sale, and as our last Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary project it’d be cool if it had some time in the spotlight too! But whether it it does or doesn’t, we had a superlative run with W20. It was the first core 20th Anniversary book Onyx Path created, our first huge Kickstarter and subsequently our first idea of how wild a huge campaign could be. That KS also including our first “Ultra Deluxe” in the form of the metal covered, claw mark pierced, Heavy Metal Edition!

Since I had tried to make just such a clawed metal cover all the way back in the original White Wolf days, the Heavy Metal Edition was a real dream come true. LisaT and I hand-packaging and shipping them out was maybe less of a dream, but the enthusiastic responses from backers when they got their HMEs more than made up for that!

It was also a joy to be able to work with my fellow WW alums Ethan Skemp, Satyros Phil Brucato, Brian Campbell, and Bill Bridges again (as well as to bring in a host of new creators), and to art direct my old WtA art crew featuring but not limited to Aileen Miles on layout, and artists John Bridges, Steve Ellis, Richard Kane Ferguson, Steve Prescott, Drew Tucker, Jeff Rebner, Brian LeBlanc, and the always delightful Ron Spencer. Those re-connections were a wonderful side effect of being able to revisit WtA!

Long may you all RAGE!

Many Faced Strangers art by Studio Navela

Just a reminder that DTRPG and Roll20 are running their New Year, New Game sales and a whole lotta our PDFs are on sale right now!

But, and forgive me loyal reader if you know this already, when I say “our PDFs” I mean PDFs of projects Onyx Path published. While that goes back thirteen years, it does not include those WoD, CofD, or Exalted books published during the original White Wolf days. We don’t own those game lines and we simply have no access to them. We also can’t turn them into PDFs and PoDs, which we wouldn’t be doing since Paradox owns them and it’s Paradox whom folks should contact with questions about those old WW projects.

Just to put that ownership info out there once again, since it came up during this sale. Believe me, I know it’s confusing – so it’s always better to ask.

Many Faced Strangers art by Digital Art Chefs

Just” Janelle Jaquays

There are people in this lil branch of the much bigger publishing industry that you meet over and over again, and Janelle Jaquays was one of them for me. She recently passed way after a long and unkind illness, and as the testimonials and remembrances have arisen these days since her death, her long and storied personal journey seems like the sort of thing that we should be making sure that folks hear about.

So, that’s what this is for.

Please bear in mind that these are personal memories based on my conversations with Janelle. So, they’re biased as hell, and others may certainly remember things more clearly. But I’m not her official biographer, so whatevs.

I first became aware of Jenelle’s artwork during high school for one of the Microgames that were fast little board games in small plastic envelopes. There was Melee and Wizard, the legendary Ogre, and a game about warring insects called Chitin. The artwork for the various insect types wasn’t drawings of anything recognizable; these were clearly fantasy insects. Y’know, the kind that could go to war with tactics and stuff like the gameplay suggested.

Just b&w pen&ink pieces, but they had character! Several years later, I would think about those Chitin pieces when I started drawing the insects in an article in White Wolf Magazine that led to an ongoing freelance gig doing Talislanta art. I had no idea who Janelle was, although I did notice that the name Jaquays was something attached to cool art in other projects for D&D/Dragon Magazine and Judges Guild.

Janelle’s Low Render illo from Chitin, and her cover for her Citybook IV project.

And not just as an artist, but as a writer, too. While I was mostly playing D&D, Janelle was making quite a reputation with Judges Guild and Runequest projects, including Dark Tower for D&D and then, somehow, someway, Duck Tower for Runequest. Yep, that bit of setting weirdness owes a ton to Janelle, and that – not her incredibly engaging adventures and characters – was what I picked up on and added to my own D&D world.

It was really Howard the Duck studying quack-fu in the comics that first made me think of a monk class of ducks, but Janelle’s work made putting ducks into my world seem legit! YMMV.

And then, she moved from TTRPGs into computer games with Coleco and then Id with DOOM and Quake – which were my early PC gaming loves. She might not have been the first person to make that leap, but she was nonetheless an inspiration to TTRPG creators everywhere.

But she didn’t completely leave the TTPGs she loved, and kept creating. In 1988 or 89, I was contacted by Janelle to do freelance art for her Citybook IV: On the Road. Yep, Janelle was one of the first experienced art directors to hire me as an artist! I was honored to be included with her and the other artists.

But by 1990 when the Citybook came out, I was already becoming closely connected with White Wolf, and it seems that Janelle, at that time, did not appreciate that connection. She was part of the established TTRPG scene that found these WW upstarts disturbing, and our dark storytelling inappropriate for TTRPGs. As Vampire and WoD exploded like a dark tidal wave over the traditional TTRPG scene, Janelle said some pretty nasty things about us on the nascent internet bulletin boards, etc. of the time.

Which makes the first time I actually met her face to face in the offices of CCP North America as we interviewed her for a job with the WoD MMO team kind of a mystery, right?

Many Faced Strangers art by Gong Studios

She had spent a decade railing against us quite nastily, so why dive into the belly of the beast? Well, I actually asked her about that at the interview (and afterwards too), and it seems that what she had believed based on her upbringing had started to ring hollow to Janelle. Things just didn’t make sense, and didn’t line up with her understanding of the world. The fan-kid who dressed up in character to play D&D and then retreated to the often isolated world of artist and writer had become aware of some different realities while working in the early computer game biz.

She felt it opened her eyes to a lot more than the values she grew up with. She worked with, and realized she liked, creators that came from very different backgrounds. They weren’t threats and sinners, they were talented and good people. This wasn’t a single revelation, or simple to encompass. It was a war inside of her that caused no small amount of problems in her personal life.

But, ultimately, she decided that some part of her was very, very, afraid, and as daring as ever, Janelle decided to face that fear by casting her hat into the ring with the WoD MMO team. For me, that explanation worked, and was a reason to put aside her previous acrimony – which had honestly affected us in no real way anyway – and bring her and her gigantic amount of experience into the team. Most of the review group voted yes, and on she came.

In fact, in a year or so, we wound up sharing an office, which is where most of these recollections of our connections and past history really came from. Our chats were while working at our computers. We shared our stories, had a lot of laughs – it was fun. Janelle still seemed a bit, I dunno, clenched up inside, but at that point, who on the team wasn’t?

It was only a month or two later that I left Atlanta and only came down to share our office once a month, and then I left CCP to start Onyx Path. It was while I was working out of my Onyx Path office that I got an email from Janelle. I won’t go into her words here, but my understanding of it was that in her search to understand that war inside herself, she became aware that the person she was on the outside was not the person she was on the inside.

And that person lived in fear of being discovered because of her background. Joining the WoD MMO team was Janelle seeing a chance to finally connect to the real her, and she did so, thanks to an incredibly supportive group of people in Atlanta (and I think that was when she met Rebecca, her partner, as well. My memory of that is less clear, though). Her email was her announcing her transition to those she considered friends at CCP, and hoping we would still be friends. Which, of course, I was.

So. Maybe not the listing of accomplishments and even wacky stories of an industry veteran that this might have been, but honestly, in purely human terms, Janelle’s story of discovery, evolution, struggle, and reconciliation with herself seems far more important to share than which level in Quake she designed. Although her level design did kick ass!

I don’t know if I’m going to get into Valhalla, but I’m pretty darn sure Janelle’s going to be there.

Thanks for reading and see you next week as we talk more about:

Many Worlds, One Path!



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Release Roundup: December 2023


Here are the projects that moved to the next stage of production:

First Drafts

The World Below – Underworld Adventures

  • Matthew: One of our stretch goals for The World Below sees a collection of FOUR adventures set in The World Below, which you can play independently or connected to each other!

The World Below – Jumpstart

  • Matthew: This book wasn’t a part of the crowdfunding campaign, but is our way of making an accessible intro adventure playable at both the table and on VTT.

The World Below – Ed Greenwood’s Monstrous Ecology of The World Below

  • Matthew: I’m really looking forward to this beast of a book we helped fund via the BackerKit campaign for The World Below.

Exalted – The Exalted Essence Player’s Guide

  • Danielle: We’re doing a player’s guide to all the Exalt types where we are packing information on how to play them, new charms, and all sorts of goodies for each type into a single book. I’m so excited!


Tasty Bit – CLASSIFIED Villain #2 (April)

  • Matthew: The Ministry of Disorder have undermined your front doorstep so you fall deep into the sewer as soon as you step inside. That’s the kind of awful shit they do. Stay indoors.


In Art Direction

  • Ex3 Sidereals – Maria is getting it all contracted out.
  • M20 Victorian Weird Wonders and Revolutionary Magic – Tracking down the artnotes to get Gaydos rolling on this.
  • COFD Contagion Chronicles RMCs – Gaydos working.
  • Curious Cats of Mau (KS) – Getting first set of sketches reworked.

In Layout

  • Ex Essence Charm Cards
  • DTR Clade Companion
  • Ex3 Many Faced Strangers – About half way through the layout, should be in proofing before end of next week.
  • CTL 2e the Hedge – Art approved.
  • M20 Victorian Jumpstart 
  • SCION God 2e – Got files over to Travis. We are still strangely missing a few halfs, but Maria is running those to ground.
  • TC Aether – Currently missing a few pieces of art… so looks like we are getting Denmark to come in and pinch hit.



  • They Came From the Cyclops’s Cave
  • They Came From CLASSIFIED!
  • Ex 3 Exigents

At Press

  • W20 Apocalyptic Record – Printing.
  • W20 Apocalyptic Record Screen & Booklet – At Studio 2.
  • Exalted Essence – At Press. Spot gloss on retail cover fixed. Awaiting proofs.
  • Ex Essence Screen – At Studio 2.
  • Ex3 Exigents – Indexing.
  • TC Anima – Sending it off to press.
  • M20 Lore of the Traditions – Awaiting trad printer proofs.
  • They Came From CLASSIFIED! – Indexing.
  • They Came From the Cyclops Cave! – Indexing.
  • Scion Once and Future – Awaiting errata.
  • Ex3 Across the 8 Directions – Errata gathering… errata form shutdown on Wednesday.
  • W20 Icons of Rage – PDF and PoD versions on sale this Weds on DTRPG!

Today’s Reason to Celebrate!

So, it’s Martin Luther King, Jr. day here in the US, which in itself is reason to celebrate! We also were surprised to hear that tomorrow, Tuesday the 16th, is the 5 year anniversary of the publication of Changeling: The Lost 2nd Edition! Five years? Wow, seems like yesterday! CtL2e’s Kickstarter campaign moth a year or so earlier was also the first crowdfunder that James moth Bell ran for us – so that too is cause for celebration!







30 responses to “Rockin’ the Reprint Repro-A-GoGo! [Monday Meeting Notes]”

  1. Madam Mirror Avatar
    Madam Mirror

    Oooo an Essence Player’s guide, and (hopefully) Alchemicals? Colour me intrigued.

    1. richt Avatar

      Yes, the Essence PG is brand-new on our schedule and it’s super-exciting to be able to continue fleshing out Essence for all the many folks who are really enjoying our “simpler on-ramp to Exalted 3e”. Alchemicals are, as far as I moth know, pretty officially the next “fat splat”; by which I mean we did tell folks publicly that it was coming next and then Infernals. Lots of good stuff coming for Exalted in 2024-25!

      1. it'sthatperson Avatar

        I was curious about how Liminals and Getimians fit into that schema. Previously, there was talk of having them unfunded or as part of Sidereals or Abyssals crowdfunding. Do you think you might explore crowdfunding as an option still, perhaps as a “double-feature” as you’ve successfully tried in other campaigns?

        1. richt Avatar

          Our priorities with Exalted 3rd have been to keep the Fatsplats rolling out – at least one a year, catch up on the other books already in progress like 8 Directions and get them out, and to solve some of the 3e Core book’s issues by creating and supporting a simpler and tweaked version as a less intimidating on-ramp to Exalted with Exalted Essence. And all while building out the Exalted team of creators so that more than only a couple of people could handle any given part of it. Honestly, that’s been enough to focus on! Liminals and Getimans are absolutely still elements of Exalted 3e we want to get out so folks can play them with those rules, because you can use Essence now to play them at least, but how we’re going to get them to you is something that we can finally get back to now that we’re delivering long awaited projects once again. So no absolute resolution there, but KSs are still on the table as welll as combining them in other books in a variety of ways, or going the non-KS book route.

  2. Eddy Webb Avatar
    Eddy Webb

    Honestly I’ve been kind of… not thinking about Jenelle, because it hurts when I do. My first meeting with her was at CCP (and I was also one of the people she “came out” to in private), but I did end up staying mildly in touch afterwards. I got to meet her spouse Rebecca as well at PAX East, and we stayed in touch here and there on Facebook until I left.

    But during the time I knew her, she was one of the people at CCP who encouraged me. She was someone who gave me advice, shared my frustrations, and celebrated my successes. A lot of people are (rightfully) celebrating her contributions to the industry, most of which are sadly unsung. But for me she was a friend, and she left us far too soon.

    1. Nicolas Avatar

      My condolences

    2. richt Avatar

      I know, buddy. In the midst of continual chaos and mismanagement, there were real bonds forged between folks on the WoD MMO team, and Janelle was somebody who could lend an ear and offer advice based on having shipped more games than most of the team combined. And her own many and varied creative works gave her a real understanding of the frustrations and challenges facing the other creators. I can imagine she was super helpful and supportive for you as you sort of did what she did decades earlier and worked on computer (and other electronic) games as well as TTRPGs.

  3. Guido Gerritzen Avatar
    Guido Gerritzen

    I am the proud owner of one of these W20 Heavy Metal Editions and it is really great.

    Sadly no Ultra Deluxe for Mage 20 or Changeling 20 came to life.

    1. chaney_insaney Avatar

      There was an Ultra Deluxe for Mage… it had the fancy three phase hologram tarot card on the cover…

      1. richt Avatar

        Indeed there was and is, it’s pretty cool and a nice reference to the three previous editions where in each one the Dante tarot card was altered and destroyed. Mage20’s Ultra Deluxe has all three versions of the card in one thanks to the ventricular hologram.

    2. richt Avatar

      As Mirthful Mike points out, there is moth actually a Mage20 Ultra, I didn’t have a great idea for Wraith20, and then, I think, we didn’t get enough pledges/interest for the Changeling20 stained glass cover one as we had to have a minimum number of orders for the printer to make the Ultras. Glad you like your Heavy Metal Edition, though!

  4. JonOfDevon Avatar

    What’s with all the moths?

    1. richt Avatar

      Don’t know what you mean – like at your house?

  5. Troy Avatar

    Will the edits to Scion and TC be reflected in updated PDFs as well?

    1. richt Avatar


      1. Troy Avatar

        Perfect! I hope the campaign goes gangbusters!

        1. richt Avatar

          Thanks, right now we “funded” and are at 200%+, so it’ll be cool to see how the next 13 days go!

  6. Morgan Foxgrove Avatar
    Morgan Foxgrove

    Will the existing files on drivethru be updated with the new edits, so those who already bought the books will have the updated material without needing to buy the whole product again for what you are telling us are minor edits?

    1. richt Avatar


  7. Ed Avatar

    When will “Across the Eight Directions” be available as a POD?

    1. richt Avatar

      First we gather and input errata submitted based on the Advance PDF, which we then use as the basis for the PoD files. We submit the PoD files to DTRPG, and they are reviewed to be sure that the various PoD printing parameters are correct. At that point, I get a notice that they’re approved for PoD printing and usually that same day I order PoD proofs so we can be sure everything looks the way we want it to before offering the PoDs for sale. Now this is where we get into the zone which we have no control over: the PoD printer has to print those proofs and ship them to me, and how long either of those two things takes varies wildly. Everybody’s best bet is to keep an eye on these very Monday Meeting Notes and check out the progress weekly – thanks!

  8. Vernon L Avatar
    Vernon L

    I loved those Microgames by Metagaming. Chitin was one of my favorites; I wish they had published more games in that series. I would love to see more of that world. Thanks for the wonderful art Janelle Jaquays. You will be remembered.

  9. Wesley Avatar

    Really enjoying the Across the Eight Directions pdf so far. Thanks for all your excellent work!

    1. richt Avatar

      Thanks for taking the time to let us know! It’s very much appreciated!

  10. Matt Blanchard Avatar
    Matt Blanchard

    This may be an out of left field question, but because the reminiscing about CCP White Wolf became a topic it occurred to me to finally ask.

    The version of “The Onyx Path” teased out at Grand Masquerade and advertised in V20 feels more like an imprint than what you ended up becoming, even including yours and Eddy’s WW email addresses in the ad copy.

    Was there an alternate plan for what that was going to be prior to the collapse of CCP WW, and what might that have looked like?

    1. richt Avatar

      Obscure but interesting (to me, at least) question! IIRC:

      Before CCP came on the scene, one of the things I was looking at as WW Creative Director was how to build up our relationship with long-time fans and provide them with some perks and high-end offerings. Sort of a fan club/subscription service kind of thing. These days, maybe it would have been a Patreon or something like that. To give it a “next level” feeling and a name that could work for any of the diverse WW game lines, I came up with calling it the Onyx Tier. Never put it into action, probably because priorities changed rapidly once CCP was involved and we started putting most effort towards the MMO.

      Fast forward a few years and Eddy and I eased out of the MMO team and created a department at CCP called CCP Transmedia. It was just us officially with some freelancers and grew out of he and I working together to finish and publish V20. We liked that, we did some work for the EVE team, too, and felt like a little non-computer games team could handle projects that would enhance the direct game experiences being created by the MMO groups. We even pitched several ARG-style experiences for both MMOs and a couple of the other projects CCP was working on. That first line-up of new WW books shown in the ad came out of a meeting of he and I had with a group of my old Production department crew brainstorming new TTRPG projects for CCP Transmedia to do after V20. Problem was, that’s not a good brand name to slap on book covers, and it was made known to me that some people at CCP were uncomfortable with us using the WW brand. Let’s leave it at that. So CCP NA President Mike Tinney and I threw around ideas for a brand that could cover TTRPG publishing while still staying connected to WW’s audience, and he brought up the Onyx Tier idea and using that name.

      Now, I was already aware of the difficult situation that was brewing with CCP’s rapid growth, and my experience with V20 rekindled my love of creating TTRPGs, so having a brand that could work for me personally was drifting around in my head as a good thing considering the possible directions things seemed to be headed in. But, we weren’t there yet, and CCP Transmedia was actually the only department connected to WW that was showing a profit so I figured we’d be unlikely to be axed for pure dollars and cents logic. (Narrator: Rich was wrong). As always with CCP, everything was chaotic and a ton of possible directions seemed likely. A ton of paths into the future. Which is where the Onyx Path, not Tier, came from.

      I got a gentleman’s agreement from Tinney that I would retain the rights to that name, we slammed together the ad with all the WW branding and the Onyx Path name, and dropped it into V20 as it was being printed. So the “mixed messaging” you picked up on was, at that time, a result of really not knowing just what Onyx would be – a brand for CCP Transmedia’s TTRPG projects or my own independent company, or something in the middle? In the next month after Grande Masquerade and V20 getting into folks’ hands, a lot of things changed and, of course, it resolved in my going off and setting Onyx Path up as my independent company, and so we remain thirteen years later!

      Hope that journey through the dim mists of time covers what you were interested in!

      1. Matt Blanchard Avatar
        Matt Blanchard

        That absolutely covers what I was asking, and I’d been meaning to ask this for quite awhile. Everything went down so quickly that from getting my copy of V20 delivered (I ended up not getting to go to Grande Masquerade) and my friends telling me about the OP announcements they’d heard in NOLA to your announcement of OPP felt like just a handful of weeks, though I’m sure it was more than that in reality.

        I’m endlessly fascinated by those branch points in a path (pardon the pun) so stuff like this is always interesting to me, and it’s fun to get the context.

        1. richt Avatar

          Glad to help, and yeah, I’m often amazed at how fast things happened back then. The 180s and complete reversals of plans were endemic of CCP’s whole methodology, made more confusing because there were often entire strategies and course corrections being worked out in Iceland that the US office only found out about afterwards. Being agile and adaptive had worked really well when creating EVE, their first game, but that’s a hard thing to pull off the larger your company gets. Made me appreciate our very tight management set-up and crew at White Wolf before CCP came on the scene, I’ll tell you.

  11. Ian Sargeant Avatar
    Ian Sargeant

    Just wanted to say thank you to everyone over at Onyx Path for their great Role Playing Game contributions over the years. Being a Fan from the old days of White Wolf I am happy to have enjoyed this hobby for over half of my life and counting. Sad that Werewolf is not being written though you guys any longer, but man what a great job. Wait to end it with a Bang! Congratulations on 13 years, here’s to 13 even more successful years. Rock on Gang.

    1. richt Avatar

      Thanks- I’m very proud to have been able to do the whole 20th Anniversary line in a way that resurrected those classic lines, and I’m equally proud of the care our team took when working on those first V5 supplements we did. I think they are the best of the new releases and truly show off the new edition’s strengths without tossing the things that long-time fans enjoy.