3 thoughts on “Sale on God-Machine and Scion: Hero!”

  1. Quick question: When did DriveThruRPG start to recognise Onyx Path as a publisher?

    Last I’d looked (many, many, MANY days ago… maybe weeks ago?) all of your titles only showed up as White Wolf. I’d made some comment on one ‘Monday Meeting’ blog that an Onyx Path presence on DriveThru might help us educate fans to how the World(s) of Darkness and Exalted and Trinity and the rest are NOT dead if there’s some pointer towards Onyx Path as the publisher… And huzzah, there it is!

    So now SOMETHING good came from you putting The God-Machine Chronicle on sale! Um, something more than me getting The God-Machine Chronicle, which is pretty good, too. Really! Really good. 🙂

    • Onyx Path has had its own publisher account on DTRPG since early 2012, which is where Scion and Trinity have been sitting.

      Earlier this week we moved our WW stuff over to that account. It’s something which has been in the works for a while, but given the noise over CCP and the MMO cancellation, we didn’t want to raise undue panic, so we just did it quietly.

      • Ah, that makes perfect sense, and I’m glad to see it happened. Thanks for the explanation, and really, do keep up the great work!


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