Scion Jumpstart on roll20

A Light Extinguished: A Jumpstart for Scion 2nd Edition is now available on Roll20!

Someone has killed Bai Amari, the Luminary, a well-respected and beloved Scion of Ra. Who would want such a thing? Who could muster enough power to end the immortal life of a demigod? Is this a declaration of war? Who is behind this terrible tragedy?

The Gods and their children feel the tremors of Titanic influence behind the mystery of the Luminary’s killing and have asked key personages (the player characters) to investigate if something more sinister is afoot. Mortal law enforcement investigated the murder on a mundane level, but they need the Scions’ power: Whoever it was must have the backing of someone, or something, supernatural.

In this jumpstart, the characters must help solve the murder of an important member of their divine community before her killer can strike again and awaken a bright and terrible power.

This jumpstart adventure includes everything you need to play a full game of Scion Second Edition:

  • A complete story designed to be played either in one long session or over the course of several shorter sessions
  • Five ready-to-play Scion characters
  • Nine ready-to-use NPCs
  • Condensed Storypath core rules to help facilitate Storyguides running the game, contained as handouts within the journal

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