September Setting Sale Week 1: Adrenaline Rush

Each week during September, DriveThruRPG is offering themed sales. This week: Start your adrenaline rush with up to 80% off modern action RPGs!

That means this week’s key item, Trinity Continuum: Assassins, is available for only $3.99!

Enter the World of Shadow

Trinity Continuum: Assassins transports players to the Continuum’s underworld where well-dressed killers-for-hire use high-tech weapons and gear to eliminate their targets. Assassins join hidden Societies, each unified by their preferred method of doing violence. Their lives are brutal, blood-stained, and glamorous.

The Trinity Continuum Core Rulebook is required to use this book. 

Inside you will find:

  • Rules for creating Assassins: Trinity Continuum’s stone-cold, stylish killers, and the Societies that house and train them. 
  • Masteries, all-new powers unique to the Art of the Kill. 
  • Storyguiding advice for running tense, fast-paced games of intrigue and violence.
  • Guidelines for creating setpiece fights, plus dozens of new antagonists for the Assassins to overcome.

If you like media like Hitman: Agent 47, John Wick, Wanted, Assassin’s Creed, or Mr. and Mrs. Smith, you’ll enjoy Assassins.

A selection of Trinity Continuum titles are also included in the sale, which you can view here!

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