Sewing Parts Together: Playtests Begin [Promethean: The Created]

I’ve sent out, and received back, NDAs from a few groups who want to lend us their help in making Promethean: The Created 2nd Edition awesome. Honestly, I was thrilled by the response. Promethean has always been, to my thinking, the NWoD game that was amazing in concept but didn’t quite get the play it deserved (much like my favorite OWoD game, Wraith: The Oblivion). Knowing that there are folks out there who are interested to see what we’re doing with this game was touching.

So now you know a little more about Lineages, both from the post itself and the questions I answered in the comments. And here it is Sunday again, so I promised I’d put another topic up for vote.

Refinements got a lot of votes last time, but then, folks also seemed interest in knowing about the new antagonist in Promethean: Alchemists. So, there’s your choice. Refinements, or alchemists?

I’ll count the votes Tuesday morning and post shortly thereafter. Until then!

46 thoughts on “Sewing Parts Together: Playtests Begin [Promethean: The Created]”

  1. As curious as I am about these new antagonists, my vote’s for Refinements in the hopes that we’ll pick up more teaser-y bits by association and implication.

  2. Alchemists, definitely. I’m curious what sort of (presumably) mortal agency would make a career out of hunting Promethians.

  3. I vote Alchemists, as we don’t know much about them. Refinements will be only refined ( pun intended 😀 ), but Alchemists are a totally new territory to explore. 🙂

  4. My vote goes for Refinements, knowing we’ll get both in the fullness of time, right now I’m interested in the ch ch changes.

    I agree with the sentiment of Promethean having a great concept but not getting the play it deserved. Being a Wraith fan, I wonder if you were planning on putting your hat in the ring when the time comes to redo Geist? There were some bold ideas in that line too but the book ended up being a bit difficult to follow in places. Hopefully the next generation of New World will see all the lines thriving.

  5. refinements, again interested in refinement of flux, and the Centimani.

    As far as it not getting the play it deserved, I have always found Promethean’s concept of “lonelines” to be a challenge for a social game. This is compounded by the fact that they even tend to repel each other IIRC. Maybe now if the Promethean’s are getting more tied into the God Machine stuff… In any sense, this Prometheans begrudgingly work together, then probably run off on their own… it makes for a hard long running chronicle, IMHO. Heck, I’ve even seen it mentioned that the only reason this society exists is a sort of lineage memory.

    Also wasteland, I love it, but I hate it, it seems too extreme in someways. Like the description of what happens to the water for Osiran’s, it starts to change consistency not just taste, I feel like that’d be in the news, even in WoD.

    Then there’s disquiet, and although I don’t think I was rolling it wrong, the couple of times I’ve had it rolled for in a game it didn’t go through (and the characters being rolled against weren’t super high). So I feel like its contagion level might actually be lower than described?

    All of this makes it hard to have a hated Promethean living … anywhere.

    Maybe these issues could get addressed somehow? I don’t want any of it to go away completely… just maybe some tweaking.

    I really like Promethean’s for NPCs though. I just feel like as a game the negative consequences of being a Promethean makes it hard on the ST and the Players.

  6. more thoughts, these may be too extreme to be an alternative.

    if you end Promethean’s general inability to like each other (we can discuss progenitor’s leaving as things like shame, or a burst of Azoth that is overwhelming, etc). We open up a concept, Promethean settlements, what if there aren’t, or much fewer naturally occurring wastelands, what if the reason there’s a hole in the ozone in Antarctica is the nuclear Promethean moved into the settlement down there. Maybe the Mojave Desert holds another Promethean settlement in a cave network.

    Now, slow down the progression of severe wasteland. For example, Austin, TX gets droughts every year, a few years ago south of here had wildfires, maybe it was an Osiran moving through. Wasteland should spread farther faster, and with less Promethean sitting around, but it should take a long, long time to get to the water changing it’s viscosity or lightning strikes becoming so common as to be so abnormal they’d draw attention from normal people. Another example, Detroit/Flint, let’s say that’s caused by permanent Promethean residents. Water might be metallic up there, but there’s no other abnormalcy about it. Electronics work fine, maybe they fail faster.

    Disquiet. Although it tends to create a mob effect, perhaps that’s more variable, it also tends to just repel people. So again Detroit, Promethean’s moved in, people are leaving. It’s more likely they hate the place than know the Promethean is causing it. Perhaps over a long enough period (once wasteland increases in severity, I’m thinking years, maybe even decades, it starts to affect the remaining people in the way that they form the mob and either run off the Promethean or get run off themselves)

    Back to the settlements, true wastelands are created by the very long inhabitation. Detroit is becoming one, eventually it’ll go back to the wilderness as things fall down or are torn down, and the people leave. Eventually there’ll be riots, violence etc.

    just some idea’s, feel free to take or leave them.

  7. Well, since Matt mentioned it, I will say that my troupe IS full of rabid fans of Promethean: the Created! As such, we wanna hear more about Refinements! Wooooooooooo!

  8. Gonna vote for refinements on this one. Alchemists DO sound interesting sure, but it remains that I want to see the improvements they’ve made on the old first. We’ll see the new in time, be it here or in the book.


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