Short, Sweet, and Upbeat

Sorry this goes out later Monday/early Tuesday, but while we had our Monday Meeting, I couldn’t get to the notes because of the follow-up meetings and phone calls. They all got pushed to Monday after the massive madness of the launch of our Deluxe Exalted 3rd Edition Kickstarter. If you haven’t heard, that went OK.

It was 4 days ago and I swear it’s been so intense that I honestly thought it was two weeks ago.

So, then, the Monday Meeting Notes will be short, although check out the Updates below as we have some good stuff in there. Eddy and I talked about the, wait for it….Exalted KS. Also, the changing gaming/gamers view of (the) transgendered folks. (I put in the “the” because I kind of recall that there is some sort of issue with not doing so. But my memory is faulty right now and since I don’t wish to offend, I included it.) Which spread to a whole look at how society is rapidly changing, particularly at the age range that folks first get into tabletop gaming, and inevitably we talked about the Holmesian convention Eddy went to a couple of weeks ago. Also we spent a couple of nano-seconds talking about approvals. Boom! On to the Updates.

These here Updates:

–  God-Machine Chronicle (nWoD) the God-Machine Chronicle and the free GMC Rules Update are live on DTRPG and doing really well. Check them out if you’ve missed them so far, by clicking on the links.

–  Strix Chronicle Fiction Anthology (VtR) Strix is GOING INTO LAYOUT. Woot!

Blood and Smoke: The Strix Chronicle (VtR) Crisis handled, new authors working on the project, and we’ve pushed back our release estimate by a month to compensate.

Mummy the Curse – Sent the KS edition files to the printer with cover corrections. The Screen is at press as well. We have gathered a double handful of online questions for CA Suleiman that he’ll be answering and we’ll post more this week on the Onyx Path site.

Exalted 3rd Edition:  KS – see above.  There will be lots of Updates via the KS that reveal pieces of what will  be in EX3, so keep an eye out for those too. There’s also the map and new art there.

V20 Hunters Hunted 2:  PDF went out to KS backers and comments and a small number of missed backer names and correx came in. Justin’s working on redlines for the Anthology writers.

– V20 Anarchs Unbound is in editing and we are getting art for it.

Deluxe Werewolf 20th Anniversary Edition: Corrections are with the printer. The W20 PoD proofs are great- we’re going to go live with this on DTRPG this week maybe even tomorrow. Mike Lee is almost done the W20Houses of the Moon” novel.  The Storyteller Screen files are at press with W20. Bill has prepared the W20 Anthology outline and contracting prospective writers.  The Skinner is ready for CCP approval. Jess Hartley is writing the White Howlers Tribe Book  and the W20 Cookbook is being outlined. Check out some news here:

Deluxe Mage the Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition has Phil Brucato writing like a maniac and developing his writers, also like a maniac. Art notes and contracts out to our full-page artist, once we have some feedback from him I’ll look a posting an art blog along with Phil’s developer notes. Very early sketches for the fulls look awesome. Talking to more, more artists this week.

– W20 Changing Breeds is in layout.

W20 Rage Across the World: Most of the art is in but a bit continues to trickle in.

– Guildhalls of the Deathless (MtC) is going into editing.

Conventionbook: Syndicate (cMtA) has about half the art in.

Mage Translation Guide is OK’d by CCP and we’re looking to get a PoD proof ASAP.

W20 Book of the Wyrm is being written and red-lined. Check out the W20 blog notes:

Trinity Continuum: Looking at the schedule to start setting up writing. John Snead is chasing me through the internet. He almost caught me but I started talking about genre emulation and got away.

Scion: Gotta talk to Joe Carriker about the project this week as I missed him last week.

– Demon: The Frutang: lots of example of play commentary including from Black Hat Matt McFarland’s play test are up on the new Demon blog: Check it out, there are quite a few playtests posted now and they give a very interesting (if early) look at the game. Text is being redlined and Rose is trying to get early art notes together.

Free RPG Day Project: Reap the Whirlwind, for VtR, is a combined 64 page booklet that combines a revised version of “Into the Void” and additional rules files from the Strix and God Machine Chronicles. This will be available at participating friendly local game stores June 15.

Reason for Drinking: 18 minutes.

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  1. ” Also, the changing gaming/gamers view of (the) transgendered folks.”

    Being a transgendered gamer I’m curious what was said here. Recent days there has been some amazing developments as far as medical laws.

    On the Exalted front, I’m so happy that the KS is out. And that we are getting a preview of the Abyssal for 3rd edition with it. There is a group of friends whom I am very close with and we had a 2 year Abyssal(beginning of 2e) campaign(renegade and one redeemed at the end). Though the game ended several years ago and we have all moved apart we still talk about that campaign. These same friends I had met all around a pickup group of Exalted(1e). It was a mixed bag game but through it I made many life long friends. I plan on getting in on each Kickstarter and I know they will as well.

    • More to note that it’s becoming more accepted (albeit slowly) culturally. I heard a lot of good comments about the transgender character in Exalted 3rd, and Elementary (a show on CBS, of all things) introduced a tasteful, interesting transgender character.

      As a guy who writes a lot about vampires, which are a sexual metaphor all to themselves, I’m always thinking about how non-hetero sexualities are portrayed in media.

  2. Oh, just in case anyone hadn’t heard yet, the Exalted Kickstarted funded in 18 minutes. It raised a quarter mill in something like 24 hours. Currently, it looks like it’s going to beat the W20 KS in the first week.

    So, yeah, it’s been kinda crazy.

  3. Speaking of Kickstarter, which other projects are still planned for KSing this year? I Mage20 is up and I suspect Demon the Frutang as well. Anything else?

  4. It’s nice to feel excited about upcoming books again. I was out of that place for a long time and I was worried that after God Machine came out I’d come crashing back down. Luckily, I seem to be holding on level.

    • The wheels may be turning a bit slowly at the moment, but that’s only because we’ve got such a big, amazing train picking up speed here.

  5. I’m glad for the kickstarter, it’s given the forums something to talk about (and well rant about) again. That’s a plus. I’m glad the W20 book is that much closer to being in my hands.

    I find myself wondering about the announcement/advertising aspects though. When the W20 kickstarter started there were announcements on, and so forth. When Mummy was going on there was actual advertisements. I find it kind of weird that I’ve not seen either one for Exalted… did it slip through cracks, was a choice made not to do such announcements/advertisement, or is it being held back for a specific time?

    If it’s either of the latter two particularly, you might want to make the intention somewhat known, there are fans organizing up to do advertising and promotion and you probably don’t want any carefully laid plans being blown out of the water.

    • I sent news notices out to the exact same places every time.

      Who decides to pick it up and run with it is outside of my control.

    • The only thing we haven’t done yet is advertise with the banners on web-sites, and that’s more of a “yet” thing.

  6. It is interesting that the topic of transgender characters comes up, there is an interesting article up on Wired talking about how Star Trek used to be quite forward thinking, but that over time it has started to slip behind, notably the lack of transgender lead characters being a key point in the article.

    So by having a signature character as transgender, Exalted is going where no Star Trek has gone before. 🙂

  7. I am aggravated. The POD version of W20 is going live on Drivethru already? Where’s my print copy of the deluxe version? I thought part of the prestige of backing the kickstarters is that we should have our fancy leatherbound books before John Q. Public that didn’t pony up the cash months in advance could get their PoD.

    • Sorry you’re aggravated- you certainly have the right to feel however you feel. To be fair, at no point did we state or imply that our Deluxe KS campaigns were designed to put the Deluxe editions into backers hands before the PDF/PoDs hit sale on DTRPG. Not a single one of our decisions or internal processes were set up for that- in fact quite the opposite in that I’ve mentioned repeatably in comments and posts- possibly even on this Monday Meeting blog- that I’m trying to decouple the KS process and the general creation and release of our books. We have provided early preview delivery of the PDFs of our KS projects to backers, however, in that that has been something we’ve stated we would do.

    • Hey dave_barrett2006, I can understand some of the frustration you feel. As a fellow W20 Backer I am also waiting for my very nice leather bound copy of my W20 book, but to be fair we received the PDF’s before the general public and I believe those people that ordered their copies of POD will also have to wait until everything is set with the printers, just like us. Now I believe that we will have precedence because our orders have seniority of the POD so I believe we will still be getting our printed copies before the general public. Hopefully sometime next week our orders will be being mailed out from what I understood from a backer message from Rich, though again I may be in error and if I am Rich please correct me.

      • Since you ask, Ian, and I’d hate to leave you hanging- the PDFs and PoDs that are available on DTRPG have nothing to do with the delivery of the Deluxe W20s (both versions). It would be in my opinion poor business to tie the Deluxe printing process, which is long and has many steps to it, to the PDF/PoD business done via DTRPG. Again, if we anywhere stated or even suggested that the Deluxe versions would be in backers’ hands before the regular sale of W20, then Onyx Path would follow up on that commitment.

        As to when you’re expecting the Deluxes to ship, I said in the last W20 KS Update that the printing stages take weeks once the proofs are approved and that’s with nothing going wrong. There’s still the covers to be made, the binding, and that’s not even talking about the cutting of the claw marks and the Heavy Metal Cover. Just keep an eye on the various Updates and you’ll see it develop.

        • I am happily looking forward to my PoD being delivered this/next week (I purchased one separately from the KickStarter, as well as an add-on PDF for $5 more that I gifted to a friend) in advance of my W20HME>
          I am glad that I don’t have to wait for the Deluxe Editions to be shipped before I (and the rest of the general public) can order and receive their PoD/PDFs as well. And if there was an issue with the metal-plate cover that delayed the Heavy Metal Edition, I wouldn’t want the Deluxe Editions to be delayed because of my even cooler/expensive edition’s delays.
          Though I may be among the vocal minority, I appreciate this method of releasing each as soon as they’re available, Rich. Thank you. 🙂


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