Trinity Continuum: Aegis is now Crowdfunding on BackerKit!

Trinity Continuum: Aegis is a game of epic adventure and exploration set during the collapse of Greece’s Bronze Age. The setting features figures and events from history and mythology, viewed through the lens of the Trinity Continuum. In this game you’ll play Champions, Oracles, and Olympians — characters who have come into contact with the mysterious substance called ambrosia and been transformed into Inspired individuals with powers similar to Talents, Psiads, and Novas millennia ahead of their counterparts’ times.

Trinity Continuum: Aegis continues to explore the Trinity Continuum’s themes of hope, sacrifice, and unity — in an age where societies are in decline and survival sometimes feels uncertain, these are the tenets under which people band together.

The primary purpose behind this crowdfunding campaign is to enable Onyx Path to create a hardcover edition of Trinity Continuum: Aegis compatible with the Trinity Continuum rulebooks (the Core Rulebook, Adventure!, Aether, etc.). Your support will allow Onyx Path to produce a fully-developed PDF and hardcover edition for this setting and rules expansion. With your help we hope to not only deliver a beautiful book to all of our backers, but also fund at least one print run to be sold through distribution and into book and hobby stores that are so vital to our community.

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