V20 Dark Ages Kickstarter begins Tuesday!

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The year is 1242. The Mongol army crushed Baghdad and then Russia under its heel, and then moved on to devastate Poland and Hungary. The Holy Roman Empire stood to war with the Papacy. The second Lombard League wielded the word of the Pope and fought off Frederick II.

In the mortal world of 1242, power shifted at the rate an army marched. For the undead, power shifts faster than a fire overtakes a haven. To the Damned, power flows as fast as blood from an ancient heart.

Onyx Path is proud to bring you V20 Dark Ages, a standalone Dark Ages rulebook for the V20 line. And you can help contribute to the creation of a deluxe edition of the rulebook.

While the regular edition will be made available in PDF and print, the book enabled by this Kickstarter is a limited-run, leatherbound edition perfect for gracing the bookshelves of any fan of Vampire: The Dark Ages or Vampire: The Masquerade.

The V20 Dark Ages Deluxe Edition Kickstarter begins TUESDAY at 12pm Eastern Time.

Keep an eye out for further announcements!

9 thoughts on “V20 Dark Ages Kickstarter begins Tuesday!”

  1. So will the 20th Anniversary Vampire: The Dark Ages be based on the original Vampire: The Dark Ages, the later Dark Ages – Vampire, or a combination of the two?

    • Judging from the open development documents it’s more or less based one neither and a little of both. It’s gonna change quite a lot of things about VtDA and DA:V both and it is gonna do a complete update on the Disciplines, again, some of which are really, really, really good like the changes to Koldunism. Though some may be a bit controversial.

      Still a lot is likely going to change form the open development documents we have seen, like Obteneration level 2 which in the documents we saw could outright murder every mortal in a village with a single use with almost trivial ease. Hopefully they will also change the Serpentis power names away from Greek and more into Ancient Egypt though that is more of a flavor thing.

      But well see soon enough don’t we?

  2. I remember having great interest in but not proper excitement about V20: Dark Ages when it was first announced. Then, as has happened time and again with these things, the more I learned about it, the more I saw in the Open Development, well, wouldn’t you know it? I’m now mad-excited for this project!

    Thanks for all the work, and know that I’m scrambling to get funds together to participate in the Kickstarter.

  3. I’m very much looking forward to this! I’ve long been intimidated to play a Dark Ages or Victorian Age Vampire game since the pressure to “get it right” is kind of too much for me to wrap my head around. I chalk it up to a personal hang up, since I’m sure most players play these games just fine. I’m just always worried about not playing a period piece correctly. Incidentally, it’s also why I rarely play a character with an ethnicity other than my own (aside from “white American” since that’s pretty well covered in media). However, I’ve really loved the V20 line so far, and I’m hoping this will serve as a good introduction into that world for me.

  4. I hope this covers the War of Princess too, but given that V20 had high/low clans divisions for opinions where appropriate, I feel confident it should


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