Victory of the Martians! [Monday Meeting Notes]

Yes – it very well could be! But you, yes YOU, can stop them!

But there’s not much time left!

The one thing these alien would-be conquerors fear is the power of our Aethernauts, so spread the word far and wide about the Trinity Continuum: Aether Kickstarter!

Incidentally, we’re in the last few days of that very Kickstarter campaign, and we’d love to achieve another Stretch Goal or three before it’s over on Thursday afternoon. So there’s that, too.

But mostly, let’s beat those Martians!

If you haven’t been following the TC: Aether KS – I mean, maybe you want the Martians to win – we have teasers and APs all over our social media. And let me pull from our Media section below to highlight this source for more TC: Aether goodness:

Trinity Continuum Airwaves is designed to be a community conversation about the Trinity Continuum. The show consists of short episodes featuring geeking out over mechanics, lore, news, etc., joined to some conversation with the community through callers calling in to the show.

You can find all the episodes so far here, including a recent one where it seems a wrecker from Edison’s Unwinders called in with a threatening tone:

Book of Lasting Death art by Michael Gaydos

“The Martians had no resistance to the bacteria in our atmosphere…”

Thanks, Dixie, for doing the blog last week while I was away!

Especially since you were really, really sick the rest of the week. Yep, the radiation that comes off the MMN blog can do that. But, also, maybe, you get superpowers?

Dixie’s not the only one of us at Onyx Path to get hit with some summer illnesses, and no Covid fortunately, but it does bring up a point we’ve made this year about our convention appearances. We’d love to see folks face-to-face, too, but we’re being really cautious after the past few years. Some smaller cons to start with, I think.

“But other companies went to Gen Con – I saw them all posting from the convention!” Yep, they did. Did you also catch all the many Gen Con attendees who posted that they tested positive for Covid? From what I heard, Gen Con did its level best to cut the chances of infection…but…

It’s that but that we are shying away from right now. It’s why we are really cautious about live attendance at cons. We do try and be careful…

Scion: Dragon art by Lalita Wipulanusat

Now, online playing and cons, though – that obviously is still something we are very comfortable with. If you get a chance, we should have posted our three Gen Con Online panels on our YouTube channel. No giant announcements – we had those for our own online con – but plenty of expansions and new details, plus we had some excellent questions to answer.

So check those out – if you dare!

Along the same lines, here’s your reminder that our team-up with Start.Playing Games for Game Night with Onyx Path explodes on the scene the last Friday of every month – that’s August the 26th, and it’s actually open for gaming all day! Details below in the Conventions section.

Since it is August, this is still Scarred Lands celebration month! In fact, today begins the second half! (If you missed it, each month of this, our 10th Anniversary Year, we’re celebrating a different game line!)

For the second half of the big Scarred Lands PDF Anniversary Sale, we’re replacing the 5e-based projects with the earlier 3e PDFs – all for 10% of their usual price these next couple of weeks! Our friends at IPR continue their 50% sale on physical Scarred Lands books and dice over on their website, too! Links and details in the Sales Partners section below!

Obviously, and I’ll talk about this in a minute, the Scarred Lands fantasy setting has had a rich and exciting history over the years. If you haven’t heard about it, though, all this month our Terrific Trio of hosts for the Onyx Pathcast have been looking at the game setting, and starting last week they rolled up characters and on this Friday’s Pathcast they’ll actually be playing!

It’s a pretty easy listen, as podcasts go, so if you have an hour-ish, I heartily suggest giving them an ear!

Mission Statements art by Digital Art Chefs

So, I mentioned two weeks ago just how important the first Creature Collection book was for getting the Scarred Lands out with a bang. The success of that really helped raise awareness that our “Sword & Sorcery” imprint was seriously going to be doing some cool books in d20 land!

And so we did, I think. I think we raised the bar, and then other companies joined in and raised it higher still. Scarred Lands as a setting was very richly developed, with all sorts of cultures being worked up to explain the entries in the CC. Plus, our writers got to work out issues they had been thinking about for years playing and running D&D.

Why don’t magic users wear armor? Clerics do and they cast spells. Well, it’s because arcane magic generates heat, so they’d cook themselves alive in platemail.

What is the use of the alignment system? Each of the gods of the setting correspond to one of the sections of the grid, which is why alignment is divided as it is.

Why are Necromancers always evil? They don’t have to be – let us show you how.

Etc. (There’s just a ton of deep world and universe building in there).

With all that, when the chance to purchase Scarred Lands from CCP came up, I discovered that my old friend, boss, and the person who got me into the biz, Stewart Wieck was also interested in buying the IP. There was never a topic Stew and I couldn’t talk about, so we chatted by phone and in the course of the conversation we realized that I was primarily interested in the world for TTRPG reasons and he was mostly interested in it to own his original fiction and characters from back in the day, and to then create more fiction.

We were actually not at odds in our interests, so we agreed to “go halfsies” on SL. Our respective companies would team up to create the new Scarred Lands, and we’d take all the great elements from before and add in new ones that worked with how D&D was played in the present. For example, we (and the ever-brilliant Scott Holden, who stepped into the dev role with Stewart), worked out ways that some of the more popular “monsters” could now be PCs, rather than only NPCs because of various reasons.

To make a long story a tad bit shorter, we had a lot of plans which started with a successful Kickstarter, and would have continued except that Stew passed away suddenly and very unexpectedly. Scott and I wrestled the project over the fulfillment finish line as best we could, as Stewart had been the driver for the KS and all the projects that were planned after. So I wound up purchasing Stew’s half of the IP, and we made a new Creature Collection with our friends at Handiwork Games.

Which brings us to where we are now with a crew of dedicated Scarred Lands lovers headed up by Travis Legge, and an active SL Community Content site with the Slarecian Vault. Check out what they’ve been up to, including the mighty and metal Dead Man’s Rust campaign book that is currently being traditionally printed after its successful KS campaign!

Yep, there are certainly some stories after:




Here in the final few days, the Trinity Continuum: Aether Kickstarter campaign needs you! We must defeat the Martian invasion, oh, and hit another Stretch Goal that details a scary host of fictional characters for the TC universe!

Check it out here!

For some of our previous backers, the indominable James sent out a small peek into what TC: Aether is about. And now you can see it as well!

Call it what it was: hubris, arrogance, a collective delusion of grandeur… We thought we were the only beings in this universe and that with our grand intellect and glorious empires we were the best humanity would ever be.

And then came Aether.

And along with Aether came mental expansion, form mutation, matter warping, time manipulation, and the discovery of new worlds, new peoples, new and terrifying possibilities.

And with Aether came the doom of humankind. Aether brought the Martians to our world, and the unravelling of the reality we knew.

Aether is a full rule and setting expansion for the Trinity Continuum line of games, set in the year 1895, at a time when humanity has conquered its own world, and now seeks to conquer the limitations imposed on us by the laws of all the sciences known to our kind. Inside, you will find:

  • A complete Victorian-era setting and Paths for characters to embark upon within it.
  • Aether powers allowing you to manipulate fate, space, time, and even your own bodies in wondrous and horrifying ways.
  • Societies both lawful and rogue, looking to leave their imprint on the world, from those in league with Mina Harker to those affiliated with Dr. Jekyll and Moriarty.
  • Storyguide advice, secrets, hooks, and plots, to enable you to start your game of Aether off with a bang.

Onyx Path Media!

This week:

Last week was a session zero for Dead Man’s Rust with Dixie, Eddy, and Travis Legge, so this week we have part 1 of the adventure!

As always, this Friday’s Onyx Pathcast will be on Podbean or your favorite podcast venue!

Onyx Path Media now has its own blog on Tuesdays! We’ll continue posting our highlight of the week here, but Tuesday will be the day to visit if you want to catch up on actual plays, interviews, deep dives, and other assorted Onyx Path media!

Please check out our attached media schedule for the impressive number of videos on our Twitch channel this week! In particular, keep those eyes open for our Storypath Showcase, where we give an excellent profile of our various Storypath games and how to play them!


Trinity Continuum Airwaves is designed to be a community conversation about the Trinity Continuum. The show consists of short episodes featuring geeking out over mechanics, lore, news, etc., joined to some conversation with the community through callers calling in to the show.

Not only can you contact the show via this email:

but also, you can find all the episodes so far here, including a recent one where it seems a wrecker from Edison’s Unwinders called in with a threatening tone:

The Onyx Path News goes live every single week to discuss recent and upcoming releases, dive into some of our most anticipated books, and answer questions from the audience. You can find it on our YouTube channel (click the bell to be informed when we go live!) but if you missed the last episode, here it is:

Virtual Tabletop!

The Scion: Origin Compendium is now available on Roll20!

It’s native to Roll20, so not for use elsewhere, but perfect for starting your Roll20 Scion game – plus, the official Origin & Hero sheets are already available!

And the first of our official sheets designed for Roll20 are now available!

The first of our official sheets designed for Foundry VTTis now available!

Direct Link:

As they say: “Foundry Virtual Tabletop is a self-hosted roleplaying platform with support for hundreds of game systems with modern features and a developer-friendly API. Foundry VTT is a one-time purchase where your players connect for free using a web browser.”

More VTT offerings and projects will be arriving this year!

On DrivethruRPG, here is the main filter for all of our current VTT content:

A few highlights of our platform agnostic DTRPG content:

Our Sales Partners!

We’re working with Studio2 to provide our traditionally printed books out into your local game stores. Game stores can order via their usual distributors, and can also contact Studio2 directly. And individuals can check out our projects via the links below!

Looking for our Deluxe or Prestige Edition books, dice, and screens? Try this link!

Scarred Lands books and dice are 50% off at IPR this month:

As always, you can find Onyx Path’s titles in PDF and PoD versions at!

Scarred Lands: the 3e/Pathfinder PDFs sale is live on DTRPG:–Rituals

Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

You can now read our fiction from the comfort and convenience of your Kindle (from Amazon) and Nook (from Barnes & Noble).

Check out the Trinity Continuum: Aeon novellas Dawn and Meridian in the Kindle store!

On Sale This Week!

Trinity Continuum: Aberrant VTT Tokens on sale this Weds on DTRPG! And also in celebration of Scarred Lands August: Scarred Lands t-shirts on Redbubble!


Because dates for physical conventions are subject to change due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, we don’t yet have a list of upcoming physical conventions. Instead, keep an eye out here for more virtual conventions we’re going to be involved with!

Game Night With Onyx Path Publishing at Start.Playing are the last Fridays of the month! This month, it’s August 26th!
Please spread the word about GMing games as much as
possible. Details on how list a game are at the bottom of the page in
the FAQ:

Tabletop Scotland is due to take place on 27th and 28th August 2022 and will play host to at least four Onyx Pathers running our games and sitting on panels live and there in the room with you! If you’re UK or Europe based, it’s an excellent con to visit and within traveling distance from Edinburgh, which takes flights from a lot of places! Consider paying Tabletop Scotland a visit.

And now, the new project status updates!

Our full list of projects will be available monthly on our blog! Check out July’s full list report here:


Here are the projects that moved to the next stage of production:

Final Draft

TC: Aegis – Trinity Continuum: Aegis

  • Eddy: Lauren is a superstar, developing just so many projects and getting them back on track or, in this case, keeping it ahead of schedule! I’m so excited to see how this turns out in final drafts!


Scion – Demigod Companion

  • Matthew: Our companions have a track record of containing a lot of new playable content along with new Storyguide tools and hooks for enthralling tales. By the looks of it, the Demigod Companion is no exception.

Post-Approval Development

Mage: The Awakening 2e- Tome of the Pentacle

  • Dixie: Most of my updates today are just going to be, “Yay, Paradox is back from vacation and approving things!” Super happy with this one, though.

Exalted – Sidereals

  • Dixie: I am looking forward to seeing some art and the like for this one, now that it’s back with us!

Changeling: The Lost 2e- The Hedge

  • Dixie: Yet another long-awaited book back from Paradox. I think Changeling fans are going to have an exciting couple of months here.

Scion – Tasty-Bit: Scion High

  • Eddy: I haven’t cracked open the file yet, but I know I have to tweak a few things to get this into shape for editing. It’s a mystery! But it does mean our Tasty Bit of high-school godly shenanigans is on track.

Hunter: The Vigil 2e- Tending the Flame

  • Dixie: Gotta keep that candle burning! This slim book is going to supplement Hunter games beautifully.

Hunter: The Vigil 2e- Hunter Jumpstart

  • Dixie: A great first step for fledgling hunters, and also a good adventure to run for one of our Onyx Path Game Nights!

Mage: The Ascension – Melody Through the Mirrorshades

  • Matthew: A beautiful collection of stunning Technocracy focused stories, which will make you question who the true protagonists of Mage: The Ascension are. Technocrats Assemble!

Post-Editing Development

Werewolf: The Apocalypse – W20 Apocalyptic Record

  • Matthew: Leath is applying the finishing touches to the Apocalyptic Record manuscript, post-edits. I’m so proud of this book and how it handles every edition of Werewolf metaplot sensitively, intelligently, and entertainingly.

Mage: The Ascension – M20 Faces of Magick

  • Matthew: Paradox have returned this vibrant collection of supporting characters, mentors, and villains for Mage and I’m very much looking forward to the art!

M20 – Victorian Mage – Bizarre Tales and Unusual Characters

  • Matthew: You wanted Mage story hooks and assorted weirdos for Victorian Mage? I’ve got your story hooks and assorted weirdos RIGHT HERE.


In Art Direction

  • TCFBTG Monsters from the Crypt– Trying to see how many monsters I can get Leblanc to do.
  • M20 Lore of the Traditions – Checking with artists.
  • SCION Realms of Magic and Mystery –  Contracting art.
  • SCION God 2e – KS artwork coming in.

In Layout

  • Squeaks Jumpstart – Workin on it.


  • CTL2e Kith and Kin – Second proof.
  • Scion Masks of Mythos – Inputting first proof corrections.


At Press

  • Scion Demigod – KS books headed to fulfillment shipper.
  • Scion Demigod Screen – Press files printing.
  • Squeaks in the Deep Screen – Press files printing.
  • Squeaks in the Deep – Trad book at printer.
  • Squeaks in the Deep Bookmarks – At KS shipper.
  • Hunter: The Vigil 2e KS books headed to fulfillment shipper.
  • HTV 2 Screen – Press files at printer.
  • Scarred Lands: Dead Man’s Rust – Trad press files at printer.
  • TC: Novas Worldwide – Awaiting errata.
  • Trinity Continuum: Assassins – XXing finished up.
  • M20 Sorcerer – Errata ends Wednesday.
  • Scion Players Guide: Saints and Monsters – Awaiting errata.
  • Scion Dragon – Going out to KS backers this week.
  • MTC Book of Lasting Death – Going out to KS backers this week.

Today’s Reason to Celebrate!

Speaking of Gen Con, this time of the year we’re reminded of past Gen Cons, so let’s hit a few highlights to celebrate: On August 20, 1992, Werewolf: The Apocalypse first edition premiered at Gen Con – 30 years ago! Nine years later, Adventure! first edition also premiered at Gen Con. On August 21st, 2004, the (new) WoD Corebook and Vampire: The Requiem first edition appeared, after great anticipation, at the WW booth! Several years later on August 16th, 2007, Changeling: The Lost first edition also appeared and was a smash hit! That’s the 15 year anniversary, if you were counting. And certainly not least, ten years ago on August 17th at a Gen Con panel we first revealed just who and what Onyx Path was (and is)!

26 thoughts on “Victory of the Martians! [Monday Meeting Notes]”

      • Crucible of Legends and Across the Eight Directions have only had a MMN status update twice each since December, and it’s been two-ish months since the last significant Adversaries update.

        • Dixie has mentioned on the Pathcast recently all the art sketches she’s been looking through for Adversaries. Apparently everyone in the book is getting art? (At least that’s my understanding.)

    • They got the green light on Sidereals from Paradox. Which means crowd-funding & manuscript in ~6 months and print book a year after that. Pretty big Exalted news there.

      • Ooh, PDF Ordering and Proofing might be a fun blog topic for your look behind the curtain series. I bet there’s allot more to it than we think.

        • I dunno if it’s fun, per se: once the layout file has finished with the errata from the PDF (Advance or Backer), then that file is used for the PoD design and we upload it to DTRPG. Then we wait for them to approve it and send it to the PoD printer. Then we wait for the PoD printer to approve it, and if so, they move to printing it. If not, we make whatever correx they need to OK it – this is 99% of the time a technical issue like the text being too close to the edge, that sort of stuff. Then we wait for them to ship me the printed PoD book, and I review it to see if anything didn’t turn out the way we wanted. We go through the steps again if there is something needs changing, or if not, then we decide what Wednesday to sell it on.

    • Depends how long it takes to go through proofing. The Backer PDFs go out once we think we have done everything we need to (or can) on our end and are ready to have the book tightened up by working in valid errata from backers. Keep an eye on the MMN blog for more news!

  1. Do we know when exactly this week Dragons will go out? Today is this week and so is Friday and yet Friday suddenly seems so far away!

    • Depends, there’s the Backer PDF errata gathering and implementing any changes the devs feel are valid, then the PoD steps I just ran through here for ThomasM, as we don’t put up another PDF after the Backer one until we put the final PDF and PoD book up for sale together. Hope that helps, and keep an eye on upcoming MMN blogs for news on the progress through the steps!

  2. Any idea on when the digital version of the
    They Came From Beyond the Grave! Director Screen is going to get released? I’ve been waiting months for it to show up for purchase.

      • I use it as a quick reference guide for the charts rather than a visual block. Whether on a laptop for online games or printed for in-person games, it’s a very affordable alternative if you don’t like having a screen between you and the players (which I do not).

  3. I’m going to second SamuraiMujuru. I’ve been dying for Across the Eight Directions for more than a year now, and for the last six months, the only information on the roundups has been that it’s in art direction. Does that mean that all of the text is done and it’s just waiting on the art and layout? If so, is there anyway to get the text now? I love the art that you guys have done for 3rd Edition, but I would absolutely pay full price for that book now just to get the text. If not, is there any kind of ballpark eta? Like, could I hope for a 2023 release?

  4. Need me some Sidereals to plan my “Rise and Fall of The Realm” game… gimmegimmegimme. Indiegogo can start Nov 1st, right? Not too much of a rush? LOLOL


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