World of Darkness: Hurt Locker Outline

David here. I now have the outline for Armory: Hurt Locker approved and out to writers. I thought it’d be nice to share it with you all. So here it is.

It’s going to be a quick first draft process; quicker than I usually do. But, after that, I’m going to give the fans a little time to percolate with those drafts, and give some commentary to help make the final drafts that much better. Essentially, it’ll be a first draft playtest pass.

If you’ve got questions, I’ll try to answer them.






17 responses to “World of Darkness: Hurt Locker Outline”

  1. Eolirin Avatar

    Did the section on the Integrity revamp get removed? There’s still a reference to it in the outline, under merits, but I don’t see a header for it.

    Is this being moved to nWoD2e? There are some very serious mechanical issues with the current implementation of the Integrity mechanics that I’d really like to see cleared up, so I’ll be sad if it’s simply gone, but nWoD2e is probably a better place for them, if that’s where they’ve gone to.

    1. machineiv Avatar

      Yes. All our attention to Integrity got moved to NWoD 2e.

  2. Scutarii Avatar

    Big thing I notice is that the Conditions list is before the Tokyo appendix placing it near to the middle of the book. Could that list (and the Tilts?) be placed in the final appendix for ease of access alongside the weapons tables and the scene cards?

    1. machineiv Avatar

      Just organization in my part. It’ll be at the end.

  3. Masque Avatar

    This is really coming together to sound like a great supplement.

    Also, really encouraging that you mention referencing Werewolf 2e for Tilts. I’m really eager for that release, and it sounds like HL will be a fantastic add-on for the new edition.

    1. machineiv Avatar

      Hm? What do you mean? I mean, this will be very useful for people running Forsaken 2.0. But honestly, it should be for all the lines.

      1. Masque Avatar

        Was just commenting that I was excited about Forsaken 2.0, and nice to know that it’s got enough Tilts that this book will use it as a reference for building more.

  4. Enokh Avatar

    This looks fantastic! Certainly another book I’ll be adding to my collection. I love the idea if supernatural fighting styles, as well as removing all the minor differences for weapons – while I think that kind if stuff is interesting, I feel like it basically steals wordcount from the meat and potatoes of what the book ought to be doing.

    Less action, more violence is awesome.

  5. ale Avatar

    i keep reading thins in the changeling outline and now i see it here but i dont know what it is.
    what does it mean “handshake/quote” ??

    1. Hiram Avatar

      Ale, I take it means the quote that opens every chapter of every book and the short explanation on what the chapter covers, leading into the sub-parts.

      1. machineiv Avatar

        What Hiram said. It’s inside baseball talk. That’ll happen sometimes.

        But those first few paragraphs in every chapter of a WoD book? That’s it. I usually assign it to the first person with word count in the chapter.

  6. tau neutrino Avatar
    tau neutrino

    Is there going to be a lot of political correctness in this? In W20 it’s reached the level of propaganda, like the new Umbra sourcebook taking a cheap shot at “‘Merica”. I noticed some of the authors were the same as this, including you. You also made that joke about the MRAs in the Black Hand outline. Will there be attacks on gun owners or even Chris Kyle?

    1. machineiv Avatar

      Who is Chris Kyle?

      1. tau neutrino Avatar
        tau neutrino

        The sniper portrayed in “American Sniper”. Attacked by Michael Moore and others:

        1. machineiv Avatar

          Oh yeah. That one. The Clint Eastwood movie a lot of people are calling propaganda.


  7. tau neutrino Avatar
    tau neutrino

    Seth Rogen was the only one comparing it to (Nazi) propaganda, which he swiftly backed off when even the liberals on the View criticized him. Others like the Guardian are outraged that Kyle wasn’t portrayed as a monster, including people who haven’t actually seen the film.

  8. Justin Avatar

    This looks fantastic. I’m excited.