The Contagion Chronicle Kickstarter has launched!

The Kickstarter for a prestige edition of the Contagion Chronicle has launched! The Contagion Chronicle is an overarching compendium of chronicle hooks, riveting settings, and Storyteller aids to help present all the Chronicles of Darkness game lines with one consistent story. In the chronicle, the Contagion acts as a motivational force and inspires the formation of factions where vampires, … Read more

Now Available: Monarchies of Mau! Plus: Exalted’s monthly PDFs

Now available in PDF and print from DriveThruRPG: the Monarchies of Mau Core Rulebook! Before we were six. Now we are one. We differ on many points, but on these we agree: Always trust our instincts, always reward loyalty, and always pounce upon minions of the Unseen. Without these tenets, we are no longer worthy of … Read more

The Joining [Shunned by the Moon]

Howl there! Matthew Dawkins here, with another sneak peek at Shunned by the Moon for Werewolf: The Forsaken. Hosts are one of my favourite kinds of critters for Werewolf, if nothing else due to their utter ickiness. There’s something delightfully visceral about a body splitting open and a thousand tiny spiders spilling out, or a … Read more

Release Roundup: September 2018

As always, we’ve been keeping ourselves pretty busy over the last month: Games Scarred Lands: Dead God Trilogy 1: Forsaken (in print) Scarred Lands: Dead God Trilogy 2: Forsworn (in print) Scarred Lands: Dead God Trilogy 3: Forbidden (in print) Exalted: Hundred Devils Night Parade part 17: Gravehound and Tiger’s Eye (PDF) Exalted: Adversaries of the Righteous part 12: Meimuna … Read more

Massive Chronicles of Darkness Sale On Now!

Following up on the success of last week’s huge World of Darkness sale, now DriveThruRPG is running an incredible sale on the cornerstones of the Chronicles of Darkness: get 75% off every PDF from Vampire: The Requiem, Werewolf: The Forsaken, and Mage: The Awakening, from both editions! Get in on the Storytelling Sale now; it only … Read more

Now Available: Requiem Covenant Journals

Now available via our RedBubble storefront: Hardcover Covenant journals for Vampire: The Requiem 2nd Edition! These blank journals can be purchased with your choice of lined paper, grid paper, or blank pages. Whether you’re planning on writing prose, drawing diagrams, or creating art, these journals have you covered. Requiem Covenant Art: Carthian Movement (journal) Requiem Covenant … Read more

Beast Player’s Guide Preview [Beast: The Primordial]

  Here’s a selection from the recently-released Beast Player’s Guide. Beyond the Nightmares a Beast can learn from her kin or by exploring the Primordial Dream, other members of the supernatural community spread their own brands of terror. As she spends time with other creatures, and especially if she creates Family Ties with others, her … Read more