Converted: Thaum Paths and

Big Ritual Blood Play
Big Ritual Blood Play

Now I’m up to the last chapter, all of the material we’re converting to V20 from previous Vampire: The Masquerade books. When completed, this chapter will flow together, but right now it’s in two chunks. This first chunk is by Jason, and covers Thaumaturgy Paths and Rituals. There’s a distinct Tremere slant, and a couple of rituals missing that I expected to be here, but overall it’s pretty straightforward.

Chapter Seven, Part 1


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  1. Brendan W Avatar
    Brendan W

    Random observation I know, but I recently read through this again and I’m very pleased with the changes to Levinbolt.

  2. Allan K Avatar
    Allan K

    Really like this book, though I wonder how the propozed standardization system works with the paths presented in the same book.
    If you can activate Necromancy powers that normally cost willpower with a blood point and a roll, where does that leave Thaumaturgy powers that cost willpower in addition to blood? Does that not break the system? (See Path of Levinbolt 5 or Neptune’s Might 4)
    Also it is sort of unclear if Thor’s Fury’s damage comes from the activation roll or the targetting roll (or both ?) + Isn’t the 3rd level much more damaging? (Maybe 10 dice, like a natural Lightning?)

    Sorry if this is more rule discussion than actual comment – Yay Thaumaturgy!

    1. Eddy Webb Avatar

      The standardization rules will be presented as optional, but I don’t think this really “breaks” anything — the higher payment of powerful abilities is offset by the inherent flexibility of Thaumaturgy. I mean, Tremere effectively have over 25 in-Clan Disciplines. 🙂

      1. Allan K Avatar
        Allan K

        Yeah, that’s true. I guess what I meant was if I should rather keep additional willpower costs for powerful Necromancy paths (those that already have them) or maybe ignore additional cost for Thaumaturgy powers, which would probably both be viable options.
        All for standardization’s sake (which was what I meant by breaking the system), so player’s aren’t confused why Soul Stealing no longer costs Willpower, but Telecommute still does etc.
        Perhaps the sidebar with the optional rule could have advice on that? (Like you could do one or both or neither)

        1. Eddy Webb Avatar

          The standardization efforts are towards dice rolls, not power costs.

          1. Allan Avatar

            Ok, never mind then.
            But just to be on the safe side (I have no intention to be annyoing – you’re doing a great job!): The chapter 4 preview (with the standardization optional rule) DID say: “[…] would replace any cost and activation roll dictated therein” (p. 31).
            Thank you for answering!

          2. Eddy Webb Avatar

            I’ll check that again when the edits come back. Thanks!

  3. alexander lezama Avatar
    alexander lezama

    Focused Mind, Level 5. All difficulties reduced by two! Wow, I always liked that Path, but I feel it has been greatly improved now, as with the Levinbolt, an old favorite.

    Severed Hand is Assamite-only?

  4. Ian Nusskern Avatar
    Ian Nusskern

    Huh! Didn’t see this was happening. I don’t really know exactly where to post question so I’ll do it here! What’s the word on Koldunic Sorcery and whether or not there will be additional information or an expansion to it for Tzimisce?

    1. Ian Nusskern Avatar
      Ian Nusskern

      Ignore this post. Just realized how long it’s been since this topic was started and whatnot.