Converted: Thaum Paths and

Now I’m up to the last chapter, all of the material we’re converting to V20 from previous Vampire: The Masquerade books. When completed, this chapter will flow together, but right now it’s in two chunks. This first chunk is by Jason, and covers Thaumaturgy Paths and Rituals. There’s a distinct Tremere slant, and a couple … Read more

As The Devil Drives

After a look at various vampire factions large and small, it’s time to dig into something that all vampires can hate: those that sell their souls to the infernal. This covers infernalism, how vampires make contracts, and the groups in the Sabbat and the Camarilla that hunt them down. Ree did a solid job on … Read more

The Strange and Bizarre

Here we have a short chapter poking at some of the weirder parts of the canon: the True Black Hand, the Inconnu, constructs, and Caitiff “spontaneous magic.” Most of my comments to Ree were suggestions to dig deeper into some of these topics and pull out a few more rituals. As a note, in the … Read more

Sorcery and Necromancy

Picking up momentum, here’s Chapter Four, covering the blood magic of the Assamites and the Setites, as well as the various takes on Necromancy of the Giovanni (as well as minor nods to other Necromancers). Matthew turned in a fairly clean draft, although I was more diligent on cleaning up his British English this time … Read more

Punks and New Agers and Hacktavists

A lot of interesting and passionate discussion of the chapters thus far! A few quick notes: I want to remind folks reviewing these drafts that these are very early drafts — not only do I generally expect moderate-to-heavy rewrites of entire sections at this stage, but also these chapters are reviewed a number of times … Read more

Prologue and Introduction

After some debate, I’ve decided that I’ll toss up my edits to the drafts, but I’m not going to post my comments to the writers. I tend to have a very direct development style, and by the nature of this process I’m going to be giving the writers their feedback after open development is closed, … Read more

Rites of the Blood Open Development opening soon!

After a bit of a lull, I now have (most) of the first drafts in for Rites of the Blood. As such, I’m starting an open development period that will last from now until June 9th. As I finish my notes on a chapter, I’ll make that file available on a new blog post with notes. … Read more