Media Spotlight: The Domain Gaming

We return for another media spotlight blog, with our focus shining on the fantastic actual plays of The Domain Gaming!

The Spotlight

This week’s spotlight is on The Domain Gaming‘s current actual play of Hunter: The Vigil 2E – The Black Royal Regatta Decennium. Storyteller Wyverian has been running this game over on our Twitch channel for over a month, and the videos are now going live over on our YouTube channel, so now’s a perfect time to check out the first episode right here:

Check out the social media links for Wyverian and his players by just checking out the video above!

The Video Round-Up

If you’re not already following The Onyx Path on YouTube and Twitch, now’s an ideal time to do so. We produce a wealth of content on Twitch every week with a group of stellar partners and content creators, and much of that content makes its way to our YouTube channel too. Don’t take our word for it, however; you can check it out for yourselves:

Here’s this week’s schedule, and don’t forget, if you missed something you want to watch, you can find it by subscribing (for free, if you have Amazon Prime) to our Twitch channel:

In the past week and a bit, we uploaded the following videos to our YouTube channel:

Learn from two talented developers as Eddy Webb and Danielle Lauzon present another informative and entertaining session of Lunch and Crunch:

And now for part two of the above episode:

Discover Scion with its developer Hiromi Cota, who takes you into episode one of an Origin story:

And finally, here’s the latest edition of The Onyx Path News, with my massive pixelated face:

But that’s not all!

Simulacra Studios continues with Aberrant: Atomic Youth, so you can enjoy one of the best Trinity actual plays going right now:

A preview of 100 Knick-knacks for Pugmire over on the Azukail Games channel:

The Story Told RPG Podcast creates a character for Aberrant right here:

The Podcast Round-Up

And then we have podcasts! There are so many shows covering our games (and others) out there every week that we can’t profile them all, but what helps us see them is when you tell us about them, so don’t hesitate to contact us about a good show, such as:

Mage: The Podcast ventures into the question of what happens when mages encounter the Imbued from Hunter: The Reckoning over on their show:

A Bunch of Gamers continues with their stellar Werewolf show:

And on the subject of Werewolf, Rich Thomas was interviewed regarding Apocalypse art for Werewolf: The Podcast right here:

While the ever excellent OPCast covers Aberrant right here:

Where I Read…

Now let’s look at a few of the active “WIR” threads over on, where folks read through our books chapter by chapter and give them deep reviews. Live currently, we have a thread for:

They Came from Beyond the Grave!

Chronicles of Darkness

Trinity Continuum: Aberrant

Mummy: The Curse 2nd Edition

Hunter: The Vigil 2nd Edition

Do you want to create media?

If you do, you should use the attached form to submit your suggestions for podcasts, review shows, actual plays, deep dives, and more! We’d love to hear from you so we can profile you on our blog and elsewhere: The Form


2 responses to “Media Spotlight: The Domain Gaming”

  1. Perrin Rynning Avatar

    I would like to do a series of blog posts on using Mage (Ascension AND Awakening) to help foster and guide creative writing. “Mage” because I have the most familiarity with the two game lines, but more importantly they seem to offer the greatest degree of flexibility in application: vampires may hide in any shadow, and werewolves in any patch of wilderness, but magic is in every heart…

    1. Matthew Dawkins Avatar

      Well that’s an excellent idea. If you make such a blog, please use the form above to tell us about it.