New Dev Doc: Character Creation and Personality Archetypes

A big one this time, and only a partial chapter at that!

Here we cover the basic walkthrough of character creation, to jog your memory (or to introduce you if you’re one of the newcomers just stepping into the World of Darkness).

In particular, note some of the rewritten material on the clan synopses that brings their summaries into what latter revised-era development made them. Gone are the narrowly focused assassins and corruption-peddlers, for example.

Included are guidelines for creating characters beyond the assumed neonate baseline, up to some hellish elders.

Personality archetypes also had some pressure testing. Here, I added a few ways that the “underpowered” archetypes could more readily regain Willpower, and added some guidelines on reining in some of the more… um… “profitable” ones. Each of these also now has a section that describes how it might be relevant to Kindred in particular. I don’t think long-haul players need a huge amount of advice in this category, but I added this material both to make the somewhat dry rules presentation more setting-evident and to maybe kindle a few additional ideas for players and Storytellers.

Character Creation doc is at:

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