New Doc Available: Nosferatu Spread

If you’ve been watching the #v20 Twitter tag, you’ll see that I was a bit concerned about the word count for the Brujah spread. It weighed in at about 1600 words, which is a lot for a two-page spread that’s going to feature some marquee art. Rich suggested paring it down a bit, so I’m experimenting with that here. The Nosferatu spread clocks in at just over 1000 words. In principle, I’m a fan of this, as the more we leave unsaid, the more room the player has to “fill in the blanks” with what strikes his fancy about the clan. Take a look here, and see if this reduced density still covers the bases while leaving lots of wiggle room for player implementation.

(Oh, also, I added an “Anarchs” section in the stereotypes. I’ve seen a lot of love for the anarchs in several conversations around the web and in conversations with players, so I think they need a bit of fine-tuning. At this point, they should become less of a failed Camarilla experiment and more of a viable player option as we move from the revised edition into the 20th anniversary era.)

Here’s the Nosferatu spread:

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