Now Available: Hundred Devils Night Parade in print!

Now available in print: Hundred Devils Night Parade (Collected Edition) for Exalted 3rd Edition!

Once a year, the time of Calibration steals the lights from the night sky and weakens the barriers between Creation and otherworldly realms. Monsters and creatures from every hidden corner emerge to claim it all for their own in the eerie, timeless dark.

For five days and nights, the world remembers how it once was, when it was newly forged from chaos and humanity was not yet a scrap of thought in the eyes of its titanic makers. Wild and hungry, wondrous and deadly, a menagerie of beast and spirit descends upon Creation in its brief time of dominion to the joy and terror of all.

Blink, and you might miss it.

Hundred Devils Night Parade is a collection of Quick Characters designed for Storytellers to include in their games as antagonists, companions, familiars, and mounts, or to use as examples for creating their own creatures. It encompasses the dead, elementals, demons, things from the Wyld, ordinary animals, and stranger beasts that cannot be defined so easily.

Beginning with Chapter One: Strange Beasts, we have the beautiful-yet-horrifying Crystalmoth, which can slice with razor wings, along with its progenitor, Gajum-Un, the Living Manse. We also present the curious and enigmatic Scroll, as well as returning (and terrifying) favorite, the Thousand-Forged Dragon.

For Chapter Two: The Dead, the soul-collecting Ankou leads the way, followed by a host of other creepy delights, such as the helpful Grave Messengers and the giant, one-man army that is Keregost. Death-related beasts in this chapter include Festerwings and Scavengers, and many more besides!

In Chapter Three: Spirits, we’ve collected both elementals and demons for your game, from Ahesh the Forgotten and Charnavrix the Unyielding to Oldrasek, Audegar, and Stanewald. Excitingly, there is also an entry for Sibri, the Rampart of Serpents, a Third-Circle demon.

Chapter Four: Creatures of the Wyld has weirdness to fuel a Wyld-touched game, as the storytelling Epochine rises from Creation’s birth, and Kian-Ji, the Heartmirror invites your Exalts to an otherworldly feast. Stumbling from the Wyld, Napaxu infect people and towns, while Siren Towers lure others to their doom.

Lastly, Chapter Five: Animals has creatures to use in your game as mounts, familiars, adversaries, and even Lunar spirit shapes! From Birds of Paradise, Camels, and Dolphins to the stranger Simhatas, Mospids, Siakas, and Sthenurines, we’ve presented a range of interesting animals for all sort of purposes.

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Crowdfunding Update

The Kickstarter for M20 Lore of the Traditions launched two weeks ago, and funded in only 62 minutes! We’re currently at $105,265 of our $30,000 goal, or 351%! Thank you to our 1,257 backers. We’ve so far hit the following stretch goals:

  • Faces of Magick x2: A book of magickal NPCs
  • RedBubble backer T-shirt
  • Forgotten Ones & Forbidden Orders x2: Other extra-Traditional organizations, from the Ahl-i-Batin to the Ngoma, Bata’a to the Solificati
  • Digital & Mobile Wallpapers
  • Lore of the Traditions VTT token pack
  • Lore of the Traditions streaming overlay set

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