[Trinity Continuum: Anima] DLC Preview

Here’s a preview for the first supplement for Trinity Continuum: Anima, entitled Anima: DLC!

Types of Undead

Over the years, Veer scholars have classified the most common types of undead as follows:


These souls are unable to take possession of a body but possess other means to make their wills known. Cold winds, odd sensations, and otherworldly voices often indicate a Presence is nearby. Ignoring its signs usually angers it. It is possible to appease a Presence, but should players wish to defeat one, Presences can only be attacked while the animas are dead.

Initiative: 2

Melee Attack: 3

Ranged Attack: 2

Enhancement: 1

Defense: 4

HP: 6

Something is Off: When calm, a Presence can spend 1HP to generate a subtle effect, such as lowering the temperature a few degrees, whispering, or locking a door. The effect lasts up to one minute. If a presence spends its last HP using this ability, it dissipates until the next sunset.

We Made it Angry: When angered, a Presence can spend 1HP to dramatically alter a scene, such as throwing a drawer’s worth of knives, rendering a glass window unbreakable, or dropping a piano from above. The effects last for one turn but some changes may take longer to dissipate. For example, a flash-frozen tub of water would take hours to thaw. If a presence spends its last HP using this ability, it dissipates until the next sunset.

Walking Corpses

TC: Anima art by HIVE

Walking Corpses happen when souls with no sense of identity possess a body. These poor beings are so far gone they aren’t even aware they made it back to the world of the living. Obsessed with the warmth of life, they try to consume any living thing they can get their hands on. Walking Corpses always attack the nearest target.

Initiative: 2

Melee Attack: 2

Ranged Attack: 0

Enhancement: 1

Defense: 1

HP: 6

Unrestrained Hunger: A damaged Walking Corpse does not feel pain. Instead, they feel their hold on what’s left of their life slip from their grasp, inducing a state of panic. Any time they suffer at least one level of damage, they gain +2 Enhancement to their next melee attack within two turns.


The term refers to instances where a soul takes over a body that is still alive. Few Possessed try to live the life they stole, often leading to sudden changes in behavior as the undead is eager to experience everything immediately. Possession usually ends with the death of the body, an exorcism ritual, or players defeating the ghost while dead themselves (using the template for Presences above).

To represent a possessed person or animal, use an appropriate template from Chapter Ten of Trinity Continuum: Anima and add the following:

You’ll Never Catch Me: Possessed are willing to do anything to keep the possession going. They gain a +1 Enhancement to escape capture.

The Gentle Dead

The Gentle Dead happen when an undead with a strong sense of self possesses a recently deceased body. They are largely able to pass as living — unless the hunger takes them. These intelligent creatures survive off the flesh and blood of other beings to sustain their bodies indefinitely. Gentle Dead are not innately evil, but after a few decades most begin to see the living as cattle.

Initiative: 3

Melee Attack: 4

Ranged Attack: 3

Enhancement: 1

Defense: 3

HP: 8

Regenerating Hunger: Whenever a Gentle Dead lands a biting Melee Attack, they regenerate 1 HP. 

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