Now Available: Tome of the Pentacle, plus Pan’s Guide VTT!

Now available in advance PDF via DriveThruRPG: Tome of the Pentacle for Mage: The Awakening!

Tome of the Pentacle

No one can do it all alone. Anyone who tells you they have all the answers is Lying.

Throughout the millennia, the mages of the Pentacle Orders have gathered – to share knowledge, to protect one another, to seek Mysteries, and to push back against the servants of the Lie.

But it didn’t happen all at once, or without struggle. Nothing good ever does.

Tome of the Pentacle includes:

  • A timeline of the Pentacle Orders from prehistory to modern day.
  • An examination of the modern Pentacle orders worldwide and cities across the globe with story hooks and Mysteries you can use in your game. 
  •  A look at how Consilia and Caucuses interact on a larger scale and factions within the Orders
  • A full-fledged New York City setting for a Mage chronicle.
Pan’s Guide Tokens and Maps

Also available:

  • Pan’s Guide for New Pioneers Tokens and Maps (Roll20)

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2 thoughts on “Now Available: Tome of the Pentacle, plus Pan’s Guide VTT!”

  1. Does Tome of the Pentacle include any spells, legacies, or other game mechanics type items or is it just organization, history and lore sort of items

    • The preview’s table of contents has an entry marked ‘New Spells’ near the beginning, but that seems to be one page long. It also has an ‘Attainments’ entry for a group called the House of Ariadne, so that could potentially be a Legacy.


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