Pugmire Crowdfunding News! [Pugmire]

Hey all! I know things have been quiet on the Pugmire front lately, but I wanted to take a moment to give you an update on the Pugmire crowdfunding campaign.

First off, back at Gen Con we said that we would have the crowdfunding campaign by the end of the year, but that isn’t going to happen. Partially, it’s because Rich and I have been keeping a careful eye on milestones, and we made that decision that we didn’t want the excitement for Pugmire — which is Onyx Path’s first creator-owned game — to be eclipsed by the Changeling Kickstarter and Onyx Path’s other announcements. But mostly it’s because we’ve been looking into some amazingly cool opportunities to show that Pugmire can be something really special. We both want this to be more than just a game, but a world that people all over can enjoy. It’s still up in the air how many of these opportunities will end up being a part of the campaign, but all in all I think the wait will be worth it.

And the good news is, the wait won’t be very long! Once the Changeling Kickstarter ends, we’ll take some time to get things ready for Pugmire, and then we’re hoping to have it active in the third or fourth week of January. After some debate, Rich and I decided that we’ll stick with the Kickstarter platform for the campaign, although we both want to try some new things this time around to get as many people as possible excited about Pugmire.

One of the things we’re trying is making a playable game available the day the campaign launches. I’m calling it Pugmire Early Access, and it’ll be more than just a manuscript tossed up for review. It’ll have some art and layout work done, to give you an idea of what the full game will look like. If all goes well, then backers will be able to start playing Pugmire as soon as they pledge, so everyone will know if it’s the right game for them.

In addition, as Rich mentioned yesterday in his Monday Meeting notes, part of the goal of the Kickstarter is to get Pugmire into retail. I’m a big believer in buying and selling games online, but I also know that many people get their first taste of games from their local stores or from retail booths at conventions, and we want to try and support that.

Those are just a couple of the ideas we’re exploring for this campaign. We’ll make more announcements as the date gets closer, but for now keep an eye out in the second half of January. And until then, remember to be a good dog!

17 thoughts on “Pugmire Crowdfunding News! [Pugmire]”

  1. I, Sir Jalapeno De La Corazon of Chihuahua, am ready for this as well. My songs of love shall pierce the night and my fangs Thunderbark and Anklebiter shall pierce the hearts of any who stand between myself and my beloved today. (yes, there is no comma there for a reason. What, I’m a flirt and a scoundrel and loved by adoring maidens everywhere.)

  2. My girlfriend and I have been excited about Pugmire since GenCon! We cannot wait to play it! We have the “Only Good Dogs Survive” poster on our wall. So you have two definite supporters already.

    It’s going to be exciting to finally have an Onyx Path book in my local game store!

  3. My group is really hyped about this. I didn’t expect it to come _this_ soon though. Ok, it will take a while after the Kickstarter thingies are done, but i’m sure my group will be thrilled 🙂

    I’m so gonna create a doberman, a colleague of mine has one and that one is such a sweetheart 🙂

  4. So it sounds like the early access version will have a sort of create-a-breed system rather than preset benefits to each breed? If so, is that how its currently intended to be in the final release?

    Looking forward to giving the game a go with my group when the kickstarter goes up.

    • Yes, I currently intend for breeds to be dynamically created. There are just so many breeds that to give them all explicit, hard-coded benefits would be exhaustive, and I’d probably still miss someone’s favorite.

      • Sounds appropriate to me. Will make mixed breeds a far easier thing to do as well without having to rely on a formula of what traits you take from each. Mutts unite!

        Thanks for the info!

  5. I’m liking this, but will there be some sample breeds in the book? I will admit Pugmire largely reminds me of Shard, and I know someone who saw that too and is excited to see it and play it.

  6. I can’t wait for this! It will finally let me show why Dachshund is best! Brave! Fearless! Mildly brainless! Oh Man, a thunderstorm! Hide!

  7. Personally? I can’t wait to set up Huskies, African Basinji’s (sp), and Chows in this universe :)…I see the Basinji’s a tricksters, Huskies more nomadic, and of course the Chow being quiet crafty investigators 🙂


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