[Scion] Path to Apotheosis Preview

Path to Apotheosis presents a collection of scenarios for Scion: Demigod, taking place at three key points in the life of a demigod, summarized in the book’s introduction as follows:

  • Threads of Fate, Winds of Death: As the Scions just make the turn to Demigods, they realize that the World is so much more complex and dangerous than they could have imagined beforehand. With new power comes new perspective, as well as new choices. The Band is called to the town of Amber Falls, where a plague has ravaged the populace, and the local Band of Demigods seem to be powerless to stop it. Dr. Annabelle Stoll of the Curses & Plagues Control summons the Band for fresh eyes on the problem.
  • When The World Bares Her Teeth: The Demigods hit their stride. They know themselves, and there’s more path behind them than in front. In this adventure, Ares calls upon them to help investigate an incident with one of his Demigod Scions’ Band after combat with a manifestation of the Titan Tlaltecuhtli.
  • Devour the Sun: The Band nears the end of their path, and the stakes rise to new heights. Before initiating Theophany, the Demigods could have taken another road. Now, the scales of Fate hold Godhood on one side and death on the other; it is up to the Demigods to shape their futures. They are drawn into the Thrice-Tenth Kingdom, an Overworld of the Bogovi, to investigate the apparent death or disappearance of another Demigod, uncovering his various sins.

Threads of Fate, Winds of Death takes place in the small, rural town of Amber Falls. The community is no stranger to problems of mythical nature, as the past deeds of a beloved Band of Demigods who took residence in town attests, but recently the situation took a turn for the worse. Disease, drought, and mysterious disappearances trouble Amber Falls on such a magnitude that the Curses & Plagues Control — the CPC — dispatched several teams to keep the situation under control, to no avail. While the citizens place their faith in the local Demigods to save the town, unaware that the Scions have a central role behind the problems of Amber Falls, a CPC doctor unwilling to “wait and hope for the best” contacts the player characters for help, the sudden thought of getting in touch with them born out of the machinations of Fate.

When the Band arrives, they find Amber Falls on the verge of collapse. Famine, disease, and death have held the entire town by the throat for several weeks, turning a pleasant little corner of the World into an eerie spectacle of devastation. What was once the kind of rural American town people send postcards from is now a desolate place whose streets would stand empty if not for CPC’s vans and tents.

Ruin came in a matter of days, striking everyone and everything. No family has been spared, and those whose members aren’t forced to bed, or worse, struggle to work fields filled with grey plants that turn into dust the moment the wind blows.

Merely stepping into Amber Falls triggers the clear perception something’s wrong with the town. Gusts of wind run through its deserted roads, and yet the air feels still and oppressive. Aside from the occasional person desperately attempting to keep up with a daily routine, silence reigns over town so much that steps echo, and the buzz of stray insects resounds like the howling of wild animals.

This opening scenario takes the player characters through all the beats of investigation, intrigue, and action-adventure, culminating quite possibly in a confrontation with the Demon of the West Wind. And this is only the first scenario in the book. Expect a great deal of play possibilities in Path to Apotheosis.

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