The Jaws of the Beast

The Vampire office has been a busy place lately. I’ve been developing our Dark Eras chapter, which takes place in Elizabethan London. I’ve also been hammering on the outlines for Secrets of the Covenants, for which I’m now mobilizing the writing team, and the next book after that, which we’ll be announcing soon. Against that backdrop, I’d like to … Read more

The Shadow and the Asp

As I mentioned last time, we’ve been experimenting with different ways to design bloodlines, based on the new mechanics and design patterns employed in Blood and Smoke. The first in the series was an all-new line, the Neglatu. The second updates an old favorite from Bloodlines: The Hidden. Here are David Hill’s Khaibit. Khaibit You say … Read more

Lonely Together

Happy New Year, everyone! Blood and Smoke came out last month, and the reception has been amazing. Thank you to all of you who bought the book, and especially to those of you who assisted in the open development process. Since Blood and Smoke didn’t include any bloodlines for space reasons, writer David Hill and I decided … Read more