Changeling the Lost, Second Edition Inspirations

I’m knee-deep in redlines for Changeling: The Lost. I’m close to the point where I’ll start sharing things with the intent to playtest, and we even have one playtest group organising in the forums right now. But, in the mean time, I figured I’d share the Inspirations section. This might give some insight to my … Read more

Invictus Merits and Oaths: The Ties That Bind [Vampire: The Requiem]

Since there was a recent forum discussion on it, I thought I’d put up the playtest document for the Invictus mechanics from Secrets of the Covenants. When discussing this, please link to the original document, rather than reposting it. I sometimes make changes or clarifications in response to feedback. Please note that we’re primarily interested in what … Read more

Ordo Dracul Merits and Mysteries: The Rites of the Dragon [Vampire: The Requiem]

The followers of Dracula hold tight to their hidden rites and secret truths. Their mysteries aren’t as flashy as sorcery, but that very clandestine nature increases their thrall over the imaginations of the dead. Secrets of the Covenants presents new Merits for members of the Order and their allies, as well as little-known or heretical … Read more

The Demon Storyteller’s Guide (Open Development)

Here I was working on the outline and finding writers for the Storyteller’s Guide, and thinking about the interest in it on the forums. There’ll be things people specifically asked for. So you could consider there’s been some open development already. But I also have a little time to spin this book up, so I thought it’d be … Read more

Acolyte Merits and Rituals – Secrets of the Covenants Open Development

Hey, folks. I said there’d be more to come after Gen Con, and here’s the first of it. Open development is back, with Secrets of the Covenants! Secrets is primarily a book of artifacts that give you an inside look into the covenants, but also includes Merits, rituals, and so on that give you more … Read more

Demon: The Descent update (and Gen Con note)

Hi, everyone. I thought I’d give you a quick Demon update before Gen Con. Prestige Edition Kickstarter copies: Being shipped from the printer to the fulfillment company. Heirs to Hell: Out! Flowers of Hell – The Demon Player’s Guide: Out in PDF, PoD being proofed this week. Splintered City – Seattle: In layout. Demon Anthology + Interface: In layout. … Read more

The Shadow and the Asp

As I mentioned last time, we’ve been experimenting with different ways to design bloodlines, based on the new mechanics and design patterns employed in Blood and Smoke. The first in the series was an all-new line, the Neglatu. The second updates an old favorite from Bloodlines: The Hidden. Here are David Hill’s Khaibit. Khaibit You say … Read more

Lonely Together

Happy New Year, everyone! Blood and Smoke came out last month, and the reception has been amazing. Thank you to all of you who bought the book, and especially to those of you who assisted in the open development process. Since Blood and Smoke didn’t include any bloodlines for space reasons, writer David Hill and I decided … Read more