[They Came From Beneath The Sea] The Director’s Chair Preview

Ahoy there! Matthew here, with a blog post about our upcoming B-Movie sci-fi game, They Came From Beneath The Sea! This game is all about the thrills of the cinema, whether it be special effects, death-defying stunts, awful one-liners, or horrible monsters. They Came From has a rose-tinted view of the era in which it’s … Read more

The Fin [They Came From Beneath the Sea!]

Greetings, traveller! Matthew Dawkins here, with a small preview of some of the fiction for They Came From Beneath the Sea! This fiction will be interspersed between chapters, as is traditional in many of our books, and is all written by Larry Blamire. You’ll notice Larry’s writing style is a little different to our usual fare, … Read more

Pets and Circus Clowns [They Came From Beneath the Sea!]

Greetings, wayfarers! Matthew Dawkins reporting in. It’s been some time since my last confession. As many of you will be aware, I’ve been at work developing Onyx Path’s new game, They Came From Beneath the Sea!, an RPG of 1950s b-movie science fiction, horror, and japes. They Came From is intended to be a game you can … Read more