The Jyhad Keeps On Rolling [Vampire: The Masquerade]

Greetings, fellow Kindred!

It’s been a while since we last talked about Beckett’s Jyhad Diary, so I thought it high time to post an update on the book’s status!

As those of you who backed the Kickstarter will know, we funded several new chapters through stretch goals, which were as follows:

Illustration by Sam Araya for Beckett’s Jyhad Diary

The Way of Three Eyes (lore associated with Saulot, the Salubri, and Inconnu)

On Mysteries Eschatological (lore associated with Giovanni, Cappadocians, and Setites)

Hands of Darkness (the Sabbat Black Hand, True Black Hand, and Montreal)

Carthago Delenda Est (Brujah history, a touch of Baali, Carthage)

The Drowning of Rasputin (tracking one of the most infamous players of the Jyhad to South America, the resident vampires of that continent)

A Brief History of Beckett (accounts from history to the modern era of Beckett’s lives, loves, tragedies, and origins)

The Omega (an oversized chapter including exploration of the Red List and True Black Hand, and rise of the ghouls and bloodlines, AND much, much more)

Each of these chapters has now been written, developed, and sent to our friends at White Wolf for review and direction, should they spot any places they want to add content, or amend something that conflicts with their vision for V5. This part of the process is always interesting, as it gives us insight into which plots work or fall short of the game’s future, along with giving the material to eyes outside of the immediate writing and development crew.

Once these chapters return to us we will make any requested changes, and give the material one more pass before sending it to editing and art direction.

All that said, the core material for Beckett’s Jyhad Diary has already been written, developed, approved, edited, and the art for it is rolling in. Kickstarter backers will have seen chapter previews during the course of the project funding, but not all chapters from the Diary received a preview. Below, I present to you segments from two heretofore unseen chapters. From War Across Dixie and Planting the Eye, by writers Alan Alexander and Renee Knipe, respectively, these extracts tease some of the larger content within both chapters.

War Across Dixie covers sectarian warfare across the States. The Camarilla and Sabbat go at each other’s throats while handling outside interference from other forces who would take advantage, including the Enrathi family, and Vitel’s burgeoning independent kingdom.

Planting the Eye stars everyone’s favourite Setite, Hesha Ruhadze (well, not mine – I’m a bigger fan of Dark Ages: Setite’s Ankhesenaten, who receives a reference or two in other chapters.) Beckett attempts to trace Hesha’s activities through Ann Arbor and Detroit, as it appears the Setite is either hunting or possesses the notorious Eye of Hazimel.

Enjoy, and comment below which of the stretch goal chapters intrigues you the most! With a little luck, we may be able to preview some of their content soo

n as well.

Subject: Expanding Operations

My dearest Sister-wife Adele,

We have reached agreement with the Ventrue Marianna Jessup, who now calls herself Marianna Thatchett in honor of her dead sire. She’s provided us with a farm containing a large manor house, 50 acres of farmland, three large stables to use for indoctrination cells, and $200,000 for renovation purposes. In exchange, we’re to provide her with the current and future service of our family’s mercenaries to combat the Sabbat of Richmond, as well as a regular source of suitable vitae (taken from members of “white power” hate groups, ironic, given her African-American ancestry). Properly repurposed, we can accommodate as many as 100 at a time, and the house is large enough for multiple reeducation rooms, though I would recommend installing a drainage system in each to facilitate the removal of blood and other waste. In addition to this farm, I have already identified four others throughout rural Virginia, all large enough for our needs and suitably isolated.

We’ve already identified the havens of most of the Sabbat remaining in Richmond and can cull them at our leisure, but I believe we should hold off until we have won more concessions from Marianna. She still believes that we’re but a small coterie of “free ghouls” who’ll serve her in exchange for vitae. She has no idea of the true purpose to which her vitae will be turned. When the time is right, we’ll show Marianna that which is contained within the Red Box of Loz and she will be bound.

Until then, I remain,

Your loving brother-husband, Ricardo Enrathi

Pieterzoon: Isaac, any new developments from Baltimore?

Goldwin: Good and bad. The withdrawal of several high-ranking Sabbat weakens Baltimore’s defenses, but as we’ve been focusing our attention on Birmingham, the vacuum is filled with a marked increase in Anarchs. For the moment, we’re encouraging them to fight one another in anticipation of taking out the weakened winner. However, Jan, the possibility of the Anarchs driving out the Sabbat and claiming Baltimore raises an issue I think the council should discuss.

Pieterzoon: Oh?

Goldwin: Yes. Specifically, what the hell is going on with Marcus Vitel?

Pieterzoon: Isaac, you know perfectly well Vitel met Final Death years ago. I personally witnessed it, as did Archon Bell.

Goldwin: And yet the whole eastern seaboard is rife with rumors Vitel survived and is scheming to retake Washington. And worse, to make it an Anarch state! It’s going to be impossible to pry Baltimore out of Anarch hands if an elder that powerful has a bastion 50 miles down the road!

Pieterzoon: Isaac. The consensus of the Justicars is that Vitel is no more and that someone — probably Vykos — has a body double running around causing confusion. You do the Sabbat’s work when you spread such baseless conspiracy theories.

Goldwin: That was uncalled for.

Purrell: Frankly, Jan, I agree. Isaac’s target is one of the domains closest to D.C., and he is entitled to know if a piece as powerful as Vitel is still on the board. While there’s consensus among the Justicars, it’s not unanimous. You and I both know Guil thinks Vitel survives, and Pascek was concerned enough to send Theo Bell to Washington to investigate.

Pieterzoon: Isaac, I apologize for my intemperate words. I know you are committed to ending the Sabbat’s rule, as am I. I will contact Archon Bell. If you have nothing else to add, why don’t we move ahead to the next item on the agenda.

Goldwin: Nothing else at this time.

My Lord Vitel,

I write to inform you of the status of our current plans for Baltimore. My odious brother still thinks I am loyal to both him and the Camarilla. Though he acknowledges my “Anarch leanings,” he still considers it a “phase” I’m going through. One would think the role I played in our sire’s death would disabuse him of such notions, but his obsession with the Sabbat blinds him to other, closer dangers. He knows of my meetings with the Anarchs of Baltimore and believes I spy on his behalf.

Presently, Isaac contents himself with spying on the Baltimore Sabbat in preparation for some future siege. I should inform you that he knows of your continued existence but cannot persuade his allies of it. Also, I am told you’ve had dealings with Archon Theo Bell. You should know Isaac has a quite irrational hatred for Bell after the Archon insulted his manhood during a conclave. He’s Garlotte’s childe in a way I never could or would want to be. Anyway, I tell you this in case you have a mind to see either of them dead — the other would make an excellent scapegoat.

I am honored to serve both you and your vision.

Anarch Baron of Baltimore

West on Michigan Ave., Dearborn, United States

Someone once told me if you don’t like the answers, you should stop asking questions. It might have been Hesha, even. Why do I have the feeling this is all some grand plan of his? Maybe it’s his way of proving to me that we really are just pawns in someone else’s game.

Lucita (555-487-5555)
B: I know where Hesha is. 1:22
B: The Fire Court grabbed him. 1:22
L: Shit. You sure? 1:23
B: Yes. Unfortunately. 1:23
L: They’ll never let him leave, not with the Eye. 1:24
B: No. That’s why we need to go in and get him. In fact, I think he’s counting on it. 1:25
L: This isn’t some tomb you’re raiding. You’re asking a lot. 1:25
B: I know. 1:26
L: I’ll do what I can. As usual. 1:26
B: Have al-Lam’a contact me directly. Cesare is working on getting us in the air, I’ll be coming to her. 1:27

The Fire Court
Location: Luxor; Dominant Clan: Followers of Set (Typhonists)
The child Methuselah Neferu is master of the F., a repository of knowledge both mundane and esoteric. It’s said nearly anyone can find the answers they seek here, though they must be willing to pay the Serpents’ price, which is never simple, nor obvious.

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    • Everyone’s favourite Prince! Some consider a curse waiving clan pin a little cheesy. I just think of it as good planning!

      • I was in a Mage game once where we had to negotiate with Vitel. My Etherite was a smartass, and I as a player didn’t know the deepest depths of VtM lore, so I asked him what exactly made him so fat (“ventru” in French).

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  1. Hi there,
    will people who didn’t back the project be able to buy the expanded book please? I’d love to read some of the lore you’re writing about.

    • The entire book (complete with stretch goal chapters) will be released in PDF and via Print on Demand through DriveThruRPG!

  2. I gotta say that the very NOTION of this book is super-exciting, and all that I’ve seen from it has only made me more excited.

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