The Last Pieces, and Moving Forward

Big Ritual Blood Play
Big Ritual Blood Play

And here, the last piece of the book. Alan covered a lot in a small space — even trying to cut as much as I could, it’s still a bit over.

Chapter Seven, Part 2

And now, a couple of points going forward.

1) I couldn’t fit nearly as much as I wanted into the book. A number of times it came down to a choice between digging deeper into a topic or giving a lighter touch to a few, and usually I chose to dig in. I’m hoping I can take some of the material the writers and I couldn’t get to and rework it as Kickstarter stretch goals or something, but I have to make sure that the book stands on its own as is, which is where my focus is right now. It sucks, but I’m hoping that there will be opportunities to work more material in as the book evolves.

2) Open Development ends tomorrow. Since I fell a little behind, I want to make sure the later chapters have some time for comments, so what I’ll do is shut down comments on each chapter as I get to it. That way, I should get to these last couple of chapters late next week, which means there’s still time to comment.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to look over the drafts and offer their thoughts. It’s much appreciated!

9 thoughts on “The Last Pieces, and Moving Forward”

  1. I’d be down for a Kickstarter to embiggen the final product. As the Masquerade subject I have the most interest in I have to say that the quality of RotB is fantastic.

  2. I agree with anyone who uses the word ’embiggen’ correctly! But seriously, I’m impressed by the level of thought that went into the writing and the commentary left for this book’s open development. I can’t wait to see it!

  3. Lets see, this book contains the following:

    Sabbat material? Check, and it’s awesome.
    Mother f**king Punk Sorcery? Check and it is *super awesome*.

    I asked if this was going to get a Kickstarter at Gen Con for a reason 😉

  4. Just wondering if the Iron Body Ritual isn’t a bit much considering that is a level 2 Ritual? Sure, only a few may know it, but anything that let you soak sunlight with your stamina is big.

    I always felt The Bitter Rose Ritual should have been Level 5.


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