As The Devil Drives

Big Ritual Blood Play
Big Ritual Blood Play

After a look at various vampire factions large and small, it’s time to dig into something that all vampires can hate: those that sell their souls to the infernal. This covers infernalism, how vampires make contracts, and the groups in the Sabbat and the Camarilla that hunt them down. Ree did a solid job on this one, and there’s easily another 4k of material that she and I had to cut to get this into the space. Maybe I’ll hang on to it for a Kickstarter goal or something.

Chapter Six: The Damned


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  1. alexander lezama Avatar
    alexander lezama

    The Iron Reliquaryhas got some sort of Thaum that allows Auspex to sense the Regent?

    Demons’ names: Decati, Huneadora and even Ceoris comes to mind. A lot of history sedes, right there…