Demon: The

I heard you want to know something. I’m going to tell you how to find out. Listen up.

You know where to be. If you’re not there, I can’t help you.

Once there, who do you talk to? Well, I don’t want to be too explicit. You never know who might be watching. Let’s try this.

Ever notice that there’s a number that, well, seems important to us? Destroyer. Psychopomp. Messenger. Guardian. Get it? No?

We’ll try it again. Saboteur. Integrator. Inquisitor. Tempter. See? Still nothing?

Fine. One more. Look at the Cipher. You need to learn four Embeds to unlock it. One. Two. Three. Four. Get it now?

That’s three times I’ve told you the number. Three in a row. But there are multiple paths to any goal, so in case that’s too obtuse for you, I’ll give you another one.

You’re looking for a door. It’s not a door that you’ll walk through, but if you listen, you can hear it. Don’t be scared by the noise it makes.

When you find it, find the one minding it. I don’t know who it’ll be. It might be a purple woman. It might be a woman with an owl on her shoulder. It might be a guy with a symbol on his arm (that symbol, by the way, means “Safe Passage”, but it’s not foolproof. Even if you know it, you might still be faced with a difficult choice).

Anyway, find the door-keeper. You can’t just ask them outright. They have to know why you’re there, and again, never know who might be watching.

So here’s what you say: What rises may fall.

Pretty simple, right? And they’ll tell you what you want to know. The other half of this phrase: Demon: The

Get it?

See you soon.

13 thoughts on “Demon: The”

  1. Makes me wish I was at the fair. Hopefully someone there will figure out where to go, and get the Demon’s name.

  2. You sir, are not a motherfucker at all.

    You are one magnificent bastard.

    Damn you Americans and your American cons… Why can’t you come to Australia and release this? We promise to do everything within our power to make sure you don’t get killed by any of our wondrous vicious animals.

    Otherwise, if you figure out Matt’s cipher and find him – Post it on the forums. Please?

    • Believe me, if someone in Australia wanted to have me as a guest of honor and pay my way there, I’d so fucking be there. That’s a bit pricy, though, and I don’t think I’m that much of a draw. 🙂

        • I’ll double what darkfool has.

          We have $20…

          Alright, it’s after the weekend… Well, it is over here. Who’s got it? Share! Share!

          • Just imagine! You could be the first, ever, to throw out this massive demon spoiler!
            Yes, You!
            You, who braved Origins in search of Matt, having spent thirty seconds figuring out the cipher, using the clues and your powers of Gamer Smarts to hunt down and pin point The Matt.
            You who posed silently in front of the booth, wind ruffling your hair gently as Matt looked up in shocked awe at the aura of awesome emanating from your geekly body as you whispered “What rises may fall,”, and Matt, over-stricken with your awesome and desire to know that which he has held close to his chest for so long, fell to his knees and said three words… “Demon: The …..”

            We just need the last word. Please, for the love of all that is God-Machinely…

  3. Unfortunately, I didn’t see this until after I’d gone to Origins. Another unfortunate thing, the exhibitor map wasn’t included in the only book they gave me, the event guide.


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