Demon: The Descent update (and Gen Con note)

Hi, everyone. I thought I’d give you a quick Demon update before Gen Con. Prestige Edition Kickstarter copies: Being shipped from the printer to the fulfillment company. Heirs to Hell: Out! Flowers of Hell – The Demon Player’s Guide: Out in PDF, PoD being proofed this week. Splintered City – Seattle: In layout. Demon Anthology + Interface: In layout. … Read more

Aether: How does it work?

I’ve been popping over to the White Wolf forums of late, venturing out of my usual game-related online stomping grounds. Which has been nice, because I’ve been able to read – and occasionally comment on – Demon-related things. One of the things that folks have asked about is Aether. What is it, really? Apparently, the Quickstart didn’t … Read more

How an Angel Dies: The End

And then, last night, the exciting conclusion to our Demon: The Descent game: How An Angel Dies. The characters, you’ll recall, were in quite a pickle. Will was facing off against the demon-wolf, Marchosias, with Edgar and Luke nearby. Simon had sucker-punched Jamie, and Amy had caught her as she plummeted earthward. And Saskia was stuck in her own … Read more

Yes, Virginia, there is a subtitle

As you probably know, it’s Demon: The Descent. So what now? Well, Rich gives updates on the general state of things every Monday over on the aptly named Monday Meeting Blog, but he has a lot of irons in the fire, so maybe you’d appreciate a little more direct information about Demon? Sure thing. Let’s talk a … Read more

How an Angel Dies, Part 4

Wednesday, we played our fourth and probably penultimate session in How an Angel Dies, the SAS for Demon: The Dysphagia. If you want a refresher, last session is here. So, the first thing we did was spend some experiences. Michelle bought the Fungible Knowledge Embed, and then plugged that into her Cipher (formerly known as Interlock Matrix). Her … Read more

Another Playtest Report, You Lucky So-n-So’s!

Jim’s Group – Playtest 10 May 13 Between sessions, I’d decided after seeing that both Blood & Smoke and Dave’s Mage rules to tide folks over until and unless Awakening gets the GMC treatment give their supernatural critters 10 dots of Merits to start with, I would do the same and see how that worked … Read more