OK- Enough With The Ear Stuff Already!

As Eddy has gone through his ear problems, I realize that a few of you might be tired of hearing about his medical issues. I know he is. And so am I in the sense that we have other cool stuff I can be posting about- and that is going to greatly increase as we leave 2013 and enter 2014 (only 10 weeks to go, I was told at the dentist today. Impossible!). But I do think it is important to let all you folks know about these more mundane life issues, too. Not only because they are part of our lives here at Onyx Path and we like sharing them with you, but because that sort of info underscores the fact that the creators of our projects are all regular people. I try to run Onyx as professionally as possible while still allowing for a lot more understanding of our contributors life issues than most publishers. Plus, it so happens that we’re in the tabletop RPG business- and for some reason we have a lot of our creative folks with all kinds of ailments. So project and schedule decisions are actually affected by the same issues I write about here, and that makes those issues worth at least mentioning if you want to truly understand the whys and wherefores of what we’re up to here.

The bulk of our talk was about how CCP wants to handle the various licensees of the WW properties. Obviously, Onyx has a set of concerns and needs, and our friends in By Night Studios and the Mind’s Eye Society have their own priorities, so CCP wants to keep things as simple as possible. Good discussions all around and I think we all are good to roll forward together.

All last week, and a good chunk of our lunch meeting, and also the long, long meeting that followed with our Onyx Path “steering” crew, has been devoted to looking at Marketing and internal structuring in 2014 for Onyx Path, and game book pitches for 2015. One of the resolutions we seem to be coming to is to spend a fair bit of effort on toning up our internal procedures- we’ve had a great year of getting the word out about Onyx and the WW IPs, but we’ve grown at the expense of dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. We are still committed to quality before schedule, but there have been slips that just happened because we couldn’t/didn’t follow up on things like we could have with a couple more procedural tweaks in place. So, like many of you, we are concerned with the schedule and not letting projects drift without a very good reason, and are putting plans in place to provide a tighter framework for our creative teams.

Wait, did I say “new book pitches”? Yep, we’ve been discussing the internal pitches for new books in 2015 for all the game lines Onyx publishes. This includes the new nWoD gameline. We have some great ideas that are being fleshed out now, but, I figured I’d also bring it up here as getting direct feedback from you folks can really help a developer. What books do YOU want us to create for 2015?


Here’s what we’re creating now:

– Blood and Smoke: The Strix Chronicle (VtR) Out of Editing and getting a post Editing pass by Rose. Mirthful Mike is talking about re-contracting a couple of pieces as the artists are having delivery timing issues.

– Mummy the Curse Deluxe and Screen: Books and Screens are all shipped out- if you backed and did not get yours yet, please contact me via that little button next to my picture on the KS site. The MtC Ready Made Characters Pack  PDF has been sent out to backers- like all Onyx Path backer rewards from Stretch Goals, this will later be available in PDF and PoD formats on DTRPG. Cursed Necropolis DC is being finished up by the writers.

– Exalted 3rd Edition:  While John hunkers down to rewrite the Charms chapter, the rest of the team is working on a couple of EX3 chapters that continue to be finalized for Editing: Dawn Caste Charms are still being wrapped up: Melee is done with Archery close to finished. Holden is getting the Traits Chapter entirely into Editing. Both  EX3 novels as well as Zub’s EX3 Comic are in progress, we just approved cover sketches and notes are going back to Zub on his script, and the EX3 Music Suites are being scoped out.

– V20 Hunters Hunted 2:  Deluxe being assembled. PoD and PDF versions on sale at DTRPG. HH2 Fiction Anthology text is in editing.

– V20 Anarchs Unbound is in layout and we are still putting the pieces together for its KS, but that’s been delayed until after the Demon KS (see above).

– Deluxe Werewolf 20th Anniversary Edition: Regular Deluxe is being laser cut. Heavy Metal Deluxe is being worked up now as a prototype with their new press- no demo copy yet, still waiting. Mike Lee is submitting chapters of the W20 “Houses of the Moon” novel to Bill for dev review.  The Storyteller Screen files are done and ready for W20. Bill has the W20 Anthology stories in layout.  Jess Hartley has submitted the White Howlers Tribe Book to Stew Wilson for development notes, and the W20 Cookbook is almost done in editing.

Deluxe Mage the Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition has Phil is wrapping up the last sections of the book. Check out our continuing M20 art blog by Mirthful Mike Chaney: https://theonyxpath.com/mirthful-mikes-art-blog-mage-20th-anniversary-preview-3/

– W20 Changing Breeds  We are still waiting for CCP approval on the new stuff, and also for the opening comic, and the Changing Breeds Fiction Anthology is being contracted by developer Jess Hartley.

– W20 Rage Across the World: In layout.

– Guildhalls of the Deathless (MtC) the PDF is live on DTRPG. There is a thread on the Mummy forum on the WW Forums for any mistakes or tweaks you want to suggest before we correct the PDF and create the PoD file. This has worked really great- CA Suleiman is going through them now to send to the Mirthful One to change.

– Conventionbook: Void Engineers (cMtA) is available as a PDF on DTRPG, and like Guildhalls above, it has an errata thread on the forums- let us know if you find anything.

– W20 Book of the Wyrm is being art directed.

– V20 Rites of the Blood: is in editing, being art directed.

– Under the Darkening Sky (classic Dark Ages): In editing. Being art directed.

– Trinity Continuum:   We now have a whopping big Aeon outline and a Trinity Continuum Core Book outline and writers are writing. Talking systems with the gang.

 Scion: Joe’s team is hammering systems- big time. Reviewing the first system doc again- combat example and complete system today-ish.

– Demon: The Descent: In first proof . Demon Quickstart PDF is free on DTRPG and the PoD version is Now LIVE. As mentioned above, we are going to get the Demon: the Descent Kickstarter campaign live before the end of October.

– Hunter: The Something About Monsters: Writers are writing. Many first drafts are getting red-lined. Several are mega-late though, for various reasons. We will need to alter the estimated release date on this.

– nWoD: Dark Eras: Writers are writing.

– V20 Dark Ages: Scribes are scribing.

– DtD Players Guide: Flowers Of Hell?: Being written in east of Ipswitch, somewhere near Brazil.

Reason to Drink: To Eddy! A safe and successful surgery!

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  1. Is Demon the Descent going to be available for regular PDF/PoD release after the Kickstarter ends? Or are Kickstarter backers going to get their hands on it first with a regular release to come sometime later?

    • Stacey, if it is anything like W20, or M;TC. The Kickstarter guys will get their PDF’s a few weeks before it is released to the public. Once the public PDF is released the POD normally follows a few weeks later (to catch any mistakes).

      I have my POD W20 book for the last few months the Kickstarter guys are stilling waiting on theirs to ship.

  2. The books I’m most interested in seeing are in the Mage: the Ascension line. Here are a few examples. I think Phil Brucato has talked about making the first two.

    Mage: Victorian Era – A time of spiritualists, empire, and the birth of the Technocratic Union under the guidance of Queen Victoria.

    Mage: 21st (or 22nd) Century – a game updating the traditions, setting, and magick to modern times.

    Mage: the Ascension’ Grimoire – a book dedicated to the flexible magic system of Ascension, filled with ideas for rotes for every faction along with sphere/paradox rules hacks to update the game beyond the modified 2E/Revised cWoD mechanics.

    I hope Eddy has a safe surgery!

  3. About the new book pitches, I have a few (for Vampire the Masquerade):

    – Anarchs Unbound is coming with neonate fury, so how about a dusty book on elders tactics, plotting and (new) mechanics? It would be to Elysium: the Elder Wars what Anarchs Unbound is to the Anarch Cookbook.

    – What happened to Bloody Diaries of the Clans?

    – Dark Ages is coming back to life, so why not a re-build of Erciyes Fragments, the same thing you guys did with the Book of Nod?

  4. What books do YOU want us to create for 2015?
    Would love to see more oWoD product (even new oWoD content), Compiled city books, so we don’t have to dig through libraries looking for information on individual cities.
    (we didn’t branch much further than VtM & WtA so we missed a lot of information)

  5. Demon is just steaming along isn’t it?

    How long will it take to get out a corrected version of the Guildhall PDF do you reckon Rich?

    I take it Curse Necropolis is looking at a November release at best at current? As opposed to an October release as was originally estimated?

    Is it alright if we post corrections for the “Ready Made Characters” pdf on the Mummy sub-forum? Will those get passed along for correction?

    As a final question for you. Way back on the 9th of September you sent an e-mail to the Mummy backers saying Book of the Deceived had just been contracted for writing. So I was wondering what the status of that project was now. Since its not on the weekly updates here yet.

    Sorry that half the stuff I seem to post it about when things are coming out and how they are progressing. Don’t want to seem pushy or anything. Just really curious about all this stuff.

    Hope Eddy’s surgery goes well!

    • Sorry that e-mail was on the 5th of September, not the 9th. Also I don’t suppose you know how many writers are contracted for the book and who they are? Is CAS the main writer?

  6. “What books do YOU want us to create for 2015?”

    That’s a very hard question, there.
    Since Rage will have it’s anniversary in 2015 and you mentioned the trouble and all the problems with the CCG for Drivethrucards: How about another strategy book guide in the vein of Savage Attack and With Fang And Claw?

    This book would cover a history section for the game (Rage, RALV, Fansets, etc.), spoilers for the expansion sets (Since Fang and Claw did that with the base set), variants of play (Like the one described in one of the White Wolf Magazines), and going into the vaperware sets (Project Twilight, What was going to be after Project Twilight, Rage Across the Dreamlands, Rumble at the Ragnarok, and Vegas Set), mass etc.
    And finally having a complete Rage Promo card list in actual print! *Take that, Scrye’s Collectible Card Game Checklist & Price Guide Book (Both 1st and 2nd editions)*

    Would also love to see the unused artwork of James Stowe did for Rage Across the Dreamlands, again. He used to have a website that displayed those pieces.

    I do understand that getting this book together would have to get in touch with people like Luke Peterschmidt and many others that worked on either version of the game or people who at least wrote in magazine articles for Inquest/Scrye/Duelist/Tuff Stuff Gamer/Ventura/Conjure back in the day.

    I remember that there was supposed to be a Guide book for the Arcadia CCG, so maybe a book that talks about all three card games (V:TES, Rage, Arcadia) together then? It would be a neat introspective.

    Also, I went to Son of Monsterpalooza a couple of weeks back and got to chat with Thomas M. Baxa. He was very happy to sign the Rage cards he did for RALV’s Equinox set.

    As for other books:
    Pretty much vaporware stuff. Would love to see you guys do the Werewolf: the Wild West books that were supposed to be in the works, like Tales from the Trail: Canada. Not to mention the Wraith Guild books, the Changeling ones, etc.

  7. If I may speculate that a Changeling the Dreaming 20th anniversary edition is due in 2015, as mentioned above, the never produced but announced Changeling books would be cook, I think. The Book of Glamour and Keys to the Kingdom (I’m a huge Changeling the Dreaming fan and never forget) and while your at it, Kithbook Boggan.

    It’d be cool to see Nicky Rea and Jackie Casseda contribute to such books. They had some great ideas when they took over the line in it’s last days when it was with ArtHaus.

    • The main point of Book of Glamour was to bring the magic and glamour systems up to Revised era standards without the cost of going full on Changeling Revised edition. Book of Glamour isn’t on the current release schedule. If it were to be an Onyx Path release, the earliest we could hope to see it is after August 2014. At that point, we’d be close enough to a hypothetical Changeling 20 that I rather see the rules updates just rolled into the core book instead of wasting effort on a book that will become superfluous in about a year at most.

      • You right, “if” there is a Changeling 20, it would make sense to update the magic system in that book.

        If I recall, Keys of the Kingdom was to include metaplot update and include a map of the Dreaming. I remember Chris Howard was working on it and posted, online, some of the fiction.

        As for the fan made KB Boggan, I already have it, it’s good stuff and used the content in my CtD game.

        Of course, I mostly play nWOD these days, so a Changeling Dreaming/Lost translation guide would be a good thing, I think.

        • Yeah, I tend to mine Lost books for use in my Dreaming games. I would *love* to see a Changeling Translation Guide, was kind of disappointed when it wasn’t on the schedule that was released this past Gen Con.

          I’d love to see Key’s to the Kingdom get a release! The fiction Chris Howard posted was fantastic! The folks who were able to read what was written of the rest of it had nothing but good things to say about. Back when he was trying to get an on-line release of Book of Glamour and Keys to the Kingdom going, Chris Howard asked me to art direct and do the layout on them. It’s a real shame his efforts never went anywhere.

    • We’ll have to wait until next year to see if we’re going to do a Changeling20.

      As PookaKnight mentioned, a Book of Glamour would probably be incorporated as part of the C20 rulebook. I’d also love to see a translation guide, although it’d be a weird one: changelings in Lost are human souls in bodies that are more fae than human. Changelings in Dreaming are fae souls wrapped in human bodies. They’re almost diametric opposites. One of the Lost encountering a kithain would probably consider it a new form of Keeper using stealth to coerce them back to Arcadia.

  8. I’m another that would love to see Changeling 20 in 2015. It’s the only oWoD line I still have all of (except my Trolls book, which appears to have gone AWOL)

    • We only just announced Wraith20. While we’d love to do Changeling, we’ll have to play wait and see, at least until Gen Con-ish next year.

  9. I am going to say: Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Anniversary edition.
    An update of Rage Across the Heavens for W20, as well as Werewolf: Wild West
    and Dark Ages Werewolf would be nice.

    Admittedly, I have felt that Requiem got a lot in its Bloodlines books,
    and really feel that Forsaken and Awakening, which had few lodge
    and legacy books(respectively) could use some loving in that regard,
    and it would be nice to see something similar for The Lost.

    I also felt that Forsaken got short changed, when you had the Covenants
    and Orders books for Requiem and Awakening, but got only a single book
    that attempted to do the job of 5 books for the tribes in Forsaken.

    And, of course, for the 20th Anniversary Lines, it would be nice to see revised Tribe/Clan/Tradition/Kith books.

    And, of course: Cavaliers of Mars, please!

  10. Unfinished guild books from wraith would bring light to my dark dark heart.

    Something I’d love is “Alternate Timelines”. What happens after time of judgement, Gehenna, etc.

  11. Sorry for the double post, but i need to say this too. 🙂 besides a revised Promethean, i’d love a nWoD version of Kindred of the East done in the reimagining style of Mummy: the Curse. i’d love to see what the nightmares of Asian cultures would like when divorced from Vampire and metaplot.

  12. – A book about life after the end time (Post-Apocalyptic type). What does the world look like after the Vamps, the Werewolves, the Mages, etc. all got their showdown and humanity is left alone to live in the ashes.

    – A book packed with stories and songs for Werewolf: The Apocalypse. Focused on helping galliards be galliards.

    – A book about Lupus. Not wolves. Lupus. Expore how wolves live amongst homids, and how they adapt to the predominantly human themed daily rituals and gifts. Expand on Lupus and how they reproduce, because you can’t just enter a pack mate and leave (especially when you consider the curse).

    – A book covering all three lost breeds in full details.

    – Rage Across (suggestion: Scandinavia, deep umbra, legendary realm).

    – Abomination: A Player’s guide to abominations.

    – Books with deeper looks into the Feras. For example, a Fera Book of Auspices (for relevant Feras).

    More later…

  13. More HTV goodness: More monsters, a HTR conversion book (the Imbued as a conspiracy), a monster-building guide with a ton of Dread Powers (there are a lot of classic scary monsters that can’t be built with the existing ones), a book to help emulate X-Files/Fringe/Twin Peaks, a sourcebook on creepy small towns (Eerie, Ind./Welcome to Nightvale), style books to emulate the works of various horror authors (a Stephen King book, for starters), etc.

    • A Translation Book for Hunter could be fun.

      There’s a new HTV book of monsters tentatively called “Monstrous Basterds” coming early in 2014. It covers Prometheans, changelings, Sin-Eaters, mummies, and demons from the perspective of hunters.

  14. in my experience the first urge when coping with a protracted health problem is to complain about it on the internet. I’d be a hypocrite if I were impatient with other people’s. =D I like the human face.

    I will buy any and all Ascension stuff you guys care to put out for so long as you may care to live! the other lines don’t interest me so much, but I adore these new Conventionbooks, will scarf M20 whole and would love to see the line’s continued revitalization.

  15. Updated Tradition books to go with our M20!
    Changeling the Lost 20th

    Actually, a Promethean Chronicle book does sound like a good idea. That can be a challenging game to DIY.

    Here’s an original idea: I am not a huge fan of “let’s mix all the product lines and cross all the streams”, but what if you did a Chronicle that did that in a very controlled and somewhat limited fashioned? Like a Demon the Descent and Promethean combined Chronicle? Just the two of them, together, and weave a chronicle that uses elements of both? It’s sounds like Matt McFarland does that anyway in his free time. I can see the God Machine contending against “mechanical” life it didn’t create… And would what Demons call Aether actually be Pyros? Are Pandorans to Nature what Demons are to the God Machine? I dunno.. just some elements of those two lines seem to mesh well.

  16. Unfinished Guildbooks for Wraith would be awesome.

    KotE style nWoD would be cool, and a KotE20 (15?) would be brilliant (if over the top) 🙂

    • KotE was never a full line by itself, so instead of waiting for 2018 for a KotE20, it’d probably make more sense if we did what we’re doing with Dark Ages, and do a V20 KotE.

      Thanks for the suggestions! I’m seeing a lot of the same requests popping up.

  17. Fans are always talking about pins, dice and other non-book merchandise, especially as kickstarter add on options. I was wondering if ccgs might be easier to manufacture and sell (in reasonable quantities). I think I have heard tidbits of info about Onyx looking into about card options… Somewhere?

    Do you hold the licence for them, and if so believe there’s still a customer base for them?

    Drivethrucards looks at present to be in its infancy at the moment, but, and although it has little interest to me personally, I would imagine that there are many folk who would like to see the CCG’s get some sort of re-release or reboot.

  18. While it might be a little early for the 20th anniversary edition for the cWoD Hunter the Reckoning in 2015, I would like to see this game line to get a similar deluxe handling as well as a bit of reimagining of direction of the game line’s focus. To differentiate it for the nWoD Hunter the Vigil and make it work better in cross-over games. And lets face it, Hunter the Reckoning was in many ways product of the Classic World of Darkness metaplot. I would like to see this reimagining to detach it a bit from its metaplot origins.

    Deluxe version of Guide to the Technocracy and/or Book of Madness for M20 line would also be insanely awesome and much more likely to happen than “revised” Hunter the Reckoning.

    • Give all the other stuff we’ve got anniversaries of, we’ll probably end up waiting until 2019 before we do a true 20th Anniversary of Hunter. We’ll see.


  19. I’d love to see more chronicle books in the style of Giovanni, Transylvania, Ventrue, Bitter Crusade, and Black Cross. For cWoD, to support the revived DA line, but also for nWoD, for Dark Eras. If the economics of producing an entire book are uncertain, why not dip a toe in the water with some SAS pdfs and see how they sell?

  20. Every time I hear about changes to the way Onyx Path handles things, I actually see improvements instead of just more checklists or busy work. Most companies I know need to follow this example. 🙂

    What do I want to see for 2015?

    1) As I mentioned in a thread over on the WW forums, re-prints and/or post-GMC updates to the ST screens would be great. Physical POD copies would especially be welcome because as I mentioned in that same thread the game’s atmosphere is helped having the appropriate screen in place (right now my group has a Hunter game going but a Vampire screen up). I missed out on Mummy and another chance to get the screen would be awesome, too.

    2) More Werewolf is always a welcome addition to my collection.

    3) End-game material for all the lines. Every line needs an equivalent to Imperial Mysteries for when you turn the “Power Stat” up to 6 and keep going.

  21. I would love anything Changeling the lost related, maybe a book with new court system, a hack pack with new stuff or new seemings or more options for the standard ones… and a nice SAS campaing would be cool!

    • The Exalted crew has, like, the next six years of releases planned out. They’ll definitely be doing Infernals, but I don’t know when that’s supposed to fall.

    • Sin-Eaters are getting presented as antagonists in the next Hunter: The Vigil book. Geist also gets at least one chapter in the upcoming Dark Eras book.

      • Which still doesn’t make it for having only the core book plus 1 supplement in that line, as opposed to the other lines, IMO. Having the same cover as other splats in general or Hunter books doesn’t put Sin-Eaters on par with them, though I’ll admit it’s a beginning.

  22. “What books do YOU want us to create for 2015?”

    VtR – Bloodlines the X (bloodlines especially designed for a blood and smoke chronicle)

    Additionally I second Nico’s idea for a NWoD version of KotE

  23. Book suggestions for 2015? Beyond the ones suggested by many others: Diaries of the Clans, Book of Glamour, CtD20, any kith/guild-books that did not see publication yet, etc.?

    WoD20: Mummy (Let’s not wait for MtR20. Please.)

    WoD20: Risen (They don’t belong just to Wraith anymore.)

    WoD20: Cults. Never underestimate the danger of small groups of faith-driven fringe-element mortals. You never know, they might know something…

    A volume on the bloodlines for V20. They don’t warrant a book each, but surely there’s more that can be said for most of them than the standard 2-page intro. Where do these wildcards fit into the Jyhad?

    I’ll also second the call for Abominations for V20/WtA20. I’ve always felt that past descriptions really didn’t do enough to make them more than a one-dimensional boogeyman with Gaia-driven self-esteem issues. Who’s crazy enough to endure as one? Who would dare create one? What effects might clan and tribe play on their outlook? What happens when a vampire’s Beast is fueled with a Garou’s Rage?

    Midnight Circus 20. I know I’m probably the only one who wants this – I still want it.

  24. I’d like to see the NWOD’s take on Wraigth. I know ghosts are pretty much all over the books already, but it would be nice to have a gameline all about their perspective. It would off course include much more fleshed out systems and abilities which in turn can enhance all game lines that use them. For example, it could make the ghost cultists seen in mummy fully playable.

  25. Wraith is already coming out soo…
    Changeling20 and Kindred of the East would be on my 2015 wishlist. OOOH! Maybe a oWoD revisitation of Mummy.

  26. I would like more for Mage the Awakening and Changeling the Lost, in 2015 and any other year. For Mage, Imperial Mysteries is the only book that did anything with the Bound, and I would like to see more on them in future books.

    I would also like to see something on California, either a ‘Shadows of’ book on the state or city books for San Francisco or L.A. There is a lot of material on California and those particular cities spread throughout Vampire and Changeling that I would love to see all collected into one book, and expanded on.

  27. I’d LOVE to see a Hunter20 book. In particular I’d love to see how Imbued society has developed when it’s been in existence for several years.

    I’ve been toying around with the idea of running a HtR game set in 2013 Detroit where the Imbued have decided to take the fight out in the open, and Hunters have become a recognized “conspiracy community” in several online communities.

    Oh, and Sarah Palin’s been flashing Hunter symbols at various rallies.

  28. We’re getting the Anarchs Unbound book, but I’d love to see the Sabbat get the same treatment. I’m biased I admit, but I’ll always be a Cainite at heart when it comes to V:tM ;).

    Dreaming20 is something I want to see for my own selfish reasons, and on the Changeling topic?

    I want to see Lost material for the new GMC styled work 😛

  29. What sort of books for 2015?

    How about ones that come out on time. (ZING!)

    Well looking at the Werewolf front we ideally have some pretty cool stuff coming down the pipeline but there’s always room for more.

    I know other people have said it, but another Silver Record would be pretty great. You figure there have to be just so many stories in the Silver Record (in the actual game) that another book telling those stories from the Garou perspective would be a great idea.

    I think some updated Tribe Books would be great too. The last run of them were pretty great but now that we have W20 to consider I think it would be a good idea, maybe go deeper this time.

    Lastly, this is probably more of a stretch goal and I know I brought it up last year sometime but I’d love to see a book (or PDF) with ALL of the gifts. As is if you don’t know the gifts you’re looking in a stack of books to make sure you don’t miss any gifts at creation.

  30. I’d really like you to go “You know what? That whole ‘One book limited series’ thing with Geist was a bad idea, let’s go support that game, just a little”.

    I’d like a Night Horrors line antagonist book (maybe a few more sample abmortals, maybe some sample Sacrosanct?)
    I’d like 2-3 support type books, things like Magnum Opus was for Promethean or the Spring/Autumn/etc books for Changeling. Things like Guildhalls and The Decieved for Mummy. Only, you know, for Geist.

    I’d REALLY like a book that explored the idea of the now fallen Tier 3 Krewes.

  31. W20/M20: Into the Void

    A guide to playing in the Deep Umbra, past the outer Membrane. Possibly including rules for creating alien races and worlds.

    Exalted: Legends of the Sorcerer Kings.

    A crunch free romp through the world of Exalted. Told via first person narratives, scraps of old texts, and dream sequences. Basically GM fodder we can use to create story ideas, player handouts, and character backgrounds.

    Trinity: When we were alone

    An adventure path or world book detailing how humanity is affected in the Trinity universe by the discovery of sentient alien life. Could be broken into three sections: discovery of the Qin, post discovery of the Chromatics/Doycent, post discovery of the Coalition. Possibly include the aftermath of the Coalition War.

    Trinity: The Earth that Was

    An alternate future book post-Coalition invasion. Earth was destroyed, and humanity was scattered to the stars. 300 years later, the scattered remnants of humanity begin to rediscover each other. But what will we find? How has the second Dark Age changed us as individuals and as a species? Will humanity reunite peacefully, or is war inevitable? Will we burn bright, or fade away? And what did we find out there, beyond the darkness?


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