Richt’s Ramblings #1: The One Where We Get the Artists Started

Originally posted by Rich at the V20 Blog So, while I’m also involved with Justin, Eddy and Shane in the creative direction of the book (being Creative Director and all), my primary role on this project is as Art Director; like I was on so many Vampire books through the years. It’s pretty cool just … Read more

Dice Pools, Difficulty Numbers, and Botching

With all of the systems consideration and potential revision going on for V20, the matter of dice pools and success statistics has come up. It’s something that the Storyteller System has always had an acknowledgedly side-eyed relationship with, but this was certainly a worthwhile time to delve back into the math. So… let’s. At a … Read more

Current List of Bloodlines

Originally posted by Eddy on the V20 Blog As I mentioned yesterday, I’m working on the bloodline appendix. As a reminder, here’s the parameters I came up with on this section: Bloodlines and variations we aren’t addressing are the Laibon and the Kuei-Jin (including the Bushi and the Gaki). They were expanded in separate books … Read more

It’s Doesnt Matter If You Win Or Lose, But How Good You Look Doing It

Originally posted by Shane on the V20 Blog They say a picture is worth a thousand words and we could not agree more.  Vampire: The Masquerade broke the 4th wall so to speak in a way that was and remains unparalleled.  While the style, mood, and the Gothic punk themes from the content we provided … Read more

Screw the 13 Clans: Bloodlines and Variant Clans in Masquerade

Originally posted by Eddy at the V20 Blog As Justin has mentioned, V20 is going to have an appendix containing nearly all of the bloodlines in Masquerade. Right now, this “appendix” is looking to be close to a hundred pages, so I’m essentially developing a small book inside of a larger book. And IT’S ALL … Read more

New Dev Doc: Character Creation and Personality Archetypes

A big one this time, and only a partial chapter at that! Here we cover the basic walkthrough of character creation, to jog your memory (or to introduce you if you’re one of the newcomers just stepping into the World of Darkness). In particular, note some of the rewritten material on the clan synopses that … Read more

New Dev Docs Available: Rules Chapter and Brujah Spread

Originally posted by Justin at the V20 Blog The Brujah spread is available at the following location: The rules chapter is available at the following location: Feel free to propagate those URLs. And please remember to offer feedback as discussed here. Thanks, and good Storytelling!