New Doc Available: Tremere Spread

Originally posted by Justin on the V20 Blog. Behold the Tremere. Note that the clan weakness is still in flux. I want to see some of this in play. In watching the feedback from the previous discussion (290 posts at present count!), one common thread that kept emerging was the dependency of the Tremere on … Read more

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Originally posted by Shane on the V20 Blog. While we are on the topic of defining historic moments regarding Vampires’ legacy.  It was mentioned in my previous Blog about the excitement in the room at last years Grand Masquerade when we revealed that Vampire: The Masquerade would be the setting of the upcoming World of … Read more

New Dev Doc: Backgrounds and Variable Traits

Originally posted by Justin on the V20 Blog I have to duck out for the evening, but as promised, here’s the third part of the character creation chapter, including the pooled Backgrounds rules adapted from Dark Ages (but not lifted whole cloth — be sure to check out the limitations, as modern Vampire chronicles by design don’t span the … Read more

Design Challenge: Tremere Clan Weakness

Originally posted by Justin on the V20 Blog. I was monkeying with the Tremere writeup this weekend and I knew I was looking down the barrel of the inevitable when I started. One particular trouble spot for the Tremere has always been their weakness. It’s too easy to avoid, and it’s incomplete as of a … Read more

New Dev Doc: Attributes and Abilities

Originally posted by Justin on the V20 Blog. Okay, after a day’s delay, here are the Attributes and Abilities, ready for playtest and scrutiny. Some of the high points: Specialties changed a tiny bit. Instead of exploding 10s, they count as two successes. It saves a bit of time when they do come up, and it … Read more