Jim’s Group Playtest: In My Pocket

Not meaning to suggest that Jim’s group is literally in my pocket, just…well, read on, you’ll get it. Here’s session one, just to keep it straight. Demon: The Rashomon Playtest Report Jim Fisher’s Group  The next morning after the run-in with agents of the God Machine on the Strip, the ring got some breakfast at … Read more

Actual Play(test): Demon: The Eric’s Group, part 2

Session #2 Alexandra and Fiona have other things they need to do to protect their interests, so they bow out of the team refrigerator raid. Engelbert agrees to help Hugo’s search and goes back to the city with him. Alexandra, meanwhile, returns to the police station to see if there is any news on that … Read more

Actual Play(test): Eric’s Group

Eric Zawadzki, the genius behind the story “Prodigal” in the God-Machine Anthology, and one of the writers on Demon: The Complicated Last Names. I’m gonna be posting three playtest write-ups in quick succession. Follow along. Same caveats apply from my playtest: THIS IS A PLAYTEST. Everything from names to powers to setting elements is subject to change. … Read more

Demon Playtest: How an Angel Dies

So! Some time ago, we played a session of the forthcoming game from Onyx Path, Demon: The Leopard Gecko (OK, I’m not gonna keep doing weird names for the game. Much. Just remember it’s Demon, we have a subtitle, we haven’t released it yet because it might changed, move on). Before you read any further, … Read more