Faces of Mars [Cavaliers of Mars]

The big news goes up front: as of last week, Cavaliers of Mars is in editing (with Dixie Cochran) and art direction (with Mike Chaney)! The art notes for this book are particularly extensive. We’re building a whole new world, so that means tons of detailed description and reference pictures. A lot of that reference material … Read more

Cavaliers of Mars Gen Con demo kit! [Cavaliers of Mars]

(Update: An earlier version of this post lacked the actual link. Oops, and fixed!) Hi, folks! I ran demos of Cavaliers at Mars at our booth throughout Gen Con, and the Wrecking Crew did the same thing in our game room. We had a blast playing the game with folks, and I thought I’d share the … Read more

An Interlude: Ghosts and Their Ways [Cavaliers of Mars]

Hi, folks! We’re gearing up for Gen Con, and I’m working furiously on the demo for Cavaliers of Mars. I’d love to see you at our booth (#1201), and maybe we can even roll a few dice together. ^_^ On Saturday of the con at 3:00 PM, Eddy, Rich, and I will be hosting a Pugmire/Cavaliers of Mars … Read more

Visit scenic Chiaro! [Cavaliers of Mars]

Drafts for Cavaliers of Mars are starting to come in. Since I posted “Two Swords of Mars” the other week, this week I’d like to spotlight the city it takes place in, Chiaro. Chiaro is a lively city caught between those who would loot its ancient past and its role as a lifeline for modern Mars. Stats have … Read more

Cavaliers of Mars call for playtesters! [Cavaliers of Mars]

As Cavaliers of Mars surges forward, I’m looking for more players to test our latest system designs. Thus, I’m launching a small-scale external playtest. Here’s what I’m looking for in a group: Can play a short session of at least three scenes in the next two weeks, in-person or online. One GM and at least two players. … Read more

Beasts Wild and Strange [Cavaliers of Mars]

Cavaliers of Mars is influenced by the kinds of older fantasy and historical fiction of various eras that I’m so fond of — you’ll find some Jack Vance rubbing shoulders with some Arturo Perez-Reverte, just for starters. From Vance and Clark Ashton-Smith, particularly, comes the haunted landscape of a dying world that’s more wistful than … Read more

The Lost Places [Cavaliers of Mars]

Welcome to the conclusion of “The Apprentice’s Tale,” our serial exploring the world of Cavaliers of Mars through the eyes of a young Martian adventurer. You can catch up on the previous parts here: Introduction: Sand and Sky The Cities of Mars The Peoples of Mars Warfare and Medicine The Lost Places As I was saying, … Read more

Warfare and Medicine [Cavaliers of Mars]

Return now to dying Mars in its last great age, with the latest installment of “The Apprentice’s Tale,” our exploration of the red world through the eyes of an itinerant young woman. Here are links to the previous installments: Introduction: Sand and Sky The Cities of Mars The Peoples of Mars Warfare My master was … Read more